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6 Important Breast Cancer Facts You Need to Understand

As discussed in a separate post, there are two general types of breast cancer, namely ductal and lobular, depending upon when the carcinomas start. If the carcinomas begin in the glands that produce milk, they are called lobular. If they start in the ducts that carry milk to the nipple, the carcinomas are ductal. Despite rarity, there might be cases, in which the carcinomas start in other parts of the breasts.

Moreover, breast cancer can be classified based on the area of breasts affected. Non-invasive breast cancer refers to carcinomas, which are still limited to the cells inside the breast lobules or ducts. They do not spread to other parts. Meanwhile, invasive breast cancer refers to cancer that has spread to other parts of the breasts.

Breast Cancer Facts You Need to Know

Besides classification of breast cancer based on the origin, the following are some breast cancer facts you need to understand:

1.     Some types of breast caner are estrogen-sensitive. In this case, estrogen may induce the increase and growth of cancerous cells or tumors. However, when the cancers have estrogen receptors on the surface, they are called estrogen positive. This usually causes more serious cases of cancer, as the disease is more progressive.

2.     Family history is one of important risk factors for breast cancer. One of important breast cancer facts is genetics. If one of your parents have the disease, you are at increased risk for getting it too. Studies show that some people have specific genes, which are naturally more vulnerable to cancer. A woman with family history of cancer has 80% chance for developing the disease later in her life.

3.     Risk for breast cancer increases with age. This is actually a non-modifiable risk factor. Once you are aging, your risk for developing breast cancer is also increasing. Most of late-stage breast cancers are identified in women older than 50 years.

4.     Alcoholics have higher risk for developing cancer. If you take more alcohol, your risk for having breast cancer increases significantly.

5.     Giving birth after the age of 30 years increases your risk for having cancer.

6.     Some risk factors of breast cancer can be modified. Risks factors related to lifestyle, like alcohol consumption, diet, and exercise can be modified. Having a healthy lifestyle reduces your risk.

More importantly, doing regular physical examination is crucial to identify your risks and symptoms at earlier stages. Early detection is the most important aspect, which influences cancer survival rate. There are actually many other breast cancer facts, make sure to get them in the upcoming posts.

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