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What Causes Breast Cancer and How to Control Them

If people say that breast cancer may have something to do with lifestyle, it may true for some reasons. New studies on what causes breast cancer have found a relationship between obesity and the risk for the disease, particularly the hormone-sensitive type of breast cancer. Too fat fats in one’s body may lead to elevated hormone level, especially in post-menopause women.

This finding is actually in line to those of previous studies, that post-menopause women, who had increased level of estrogen and testosterone hormones were 2 to 3 times riskier for developing breast cancer. After menopause, fat cells are the sole source of hormone elevation in adult women.

What Causes Breast Cancer: What Research Findings Say

As widely recognized by health experts, there are a number of risk factors for breast cancer. They include family history, reproductive history, exposure to radiation, and use of hormone. In fact, about 70% of breast cancer cases did not show any of those risk factors. Interestingly, the number of breast cancer cases has increased in the last 20 years in line with the increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity.

A team of researchers conducted a review of 13 different studies on almost 6.300 post-menopause women. They reviewed health records of the research participants in an effort to find out why some participants were diagnosed with hormone-sensitive breast cancers; meanwhile others were not. The researchers found that obese participants had 50% higher estrogen level, 16% higher testosterone levels.

Given the findings, the researchers concluded that sex hormone level was the biggest factor of what causes breast cancer. Then, smoking 15 cigarettes or more a day was in the second place, while the third place belonged to the habit of drinking 2 servings of alcoholic drinks or more a day.

How to Control What Causes Breast Cancer

There actually controllable risk factors of breast cancer. They include obesity, smoking, and alcohol consumption. Meanwhile, uncontrollable risk factors include age and family history. Therefore, if you really want to avoid breast cancer, you can start by modifying your lifestyle. If you are obese, drinking alcohol, and smoking, this is the time to quit.

Start by calculating Body Mass Index (BMI). If it is more than 25 points, it is the time to plan physical exercise programs. Consult your dietitians to design a program that helps you lose weight. Even though what causes breast cancer includes obesity, there is no reason for you to take an extreme diet. Your health is the priority. Lack of nutrient intake may also lead to decreased immunity, which makes your body more vulnerable to diseases.

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