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Self-Breast Exam: a Popular Method of Breast Cancer Detection

Of course, nobody wants to have cancer breast. Once you are diagnosed with the disease, your life expectancy is decreased dramatically. However, all women naturally have the risks for breast cancer, but at the same time, you have many options to minimize the risks. One of them is doing early breast cancer detection. It is important to do regularly right before you even detect any symptoms of breast cancer in your body. 

Early detection is the key for better survival from any cancer diseases, including breast cancer. The earlier the disease is detected, the earlier you have the treatment, and the better your chances for survival. The most popular method for breast cancer detection is self-breast exam. This is the simplest but the most important thing to do at home. Make sure to check your own breasts regularly after your menstrual cycle. Check if there is a touchable lump in your breast.  

Why Early Breast Cancer Detection Is Important

Having a lump is not necessarily indicative of breast cancer. Consult your doctor immediately to have breast cancer diagnosis. The most common diagnostic procedures are mammogram or ultrasound. If the lump is a sign of breast cancer, it may be curable when detected early. Your doctor will likely recommend to options, namely, removing the cancerous cells through breast-conserving surgery or having chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is the most commonly recommended option, as it may help in reducing the size of the lump and killing the cancerous cells. At certain extent, you may be recommended to take both chemotherapy and surgery to make sure that the cancer cells do not grow again and the disease does not recur. Despite the potential side effects of both chemotherapy and surgery, they are the most effective option of treatment for breast cancer.

The second option of treatment after breast cancer detection is alternative medication. However, as there are so many options of alternative medication, their effectiveness is still to be explored. The best option is using alternative medication to complement chemotherapy and to minimize the side effects. Options of alternative medication include herbal drinks, acupuncture therapy, yoga, and healthy diets. They usually work to keep the patients’ health from inside, provide them with peaceful find, and help them cope with the effects of chemotherapy.

Breast cancer is a terminal disease. Therefore, doing breast cancer detection for risk factors and symptoms at very early stage is the key to successful treatment. Do not wait until you find the symptoms to do the detection.

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