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Risk Factors of Breast Cancer in Women and Things To Do

Breast cancer is more prevalent in women, even though men also have some risks for developing the disease. While some risk factors of breast cancer in women and men can be minimized through lifestyle modification, some others are not easy to control. Therefore, it is important to understand your risk factors. This is the key for early detection of the disease.

So far, no known cause of breast cancer has been identified. What people can do is paying attention to certain risk factors, which are linked to the chances for developing the disease. Having one of more of the risk factors does not necessarily indicate that you will develop breast cancer. However, understand the risks allows you to avoid them through lifestyle changes, self-breast exams, and routine mammogram.

Common Risk Factors of Breast Cancer In Women

Being a woman is a risk factor of breast cancer. Studies found that only 1% of breast cancer cases involved men. However, being a woman does not necessarily mean you will have the disease. It is usually combined with other risk factors, as follow:


ü  Age. Women who are 55 years or older have increased risk for developing breast cancer. Therefore, routine screening is necessary for women in this age group.

ü  Family history. If you have a core family member, like mother, daughter, or sister, diagnosed with this disease, you have a higher risk for developing it too. However, studies also showed that most women diagnosed with breast cancer had no family history.

ü  Having no children or first childbirth after the age of 30 years. Women who decide not to have a child, who cannot have a child due to reproductive problems, or who give the first childbirth at later age (more tha 30 years) are at increased risk for breast cancer.

ü  Early menstruation or late menopause. If you had the first menstrual cycle before the age of 12 years, or you have menopause after the age of 55 years, make sure to have mammogram or physical breast exams routinely.

ü  Being overweight or obese. If you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 25, make sure to plan a healthy diet and exercise program, as obesity is one of the most common risk factors of breast cancer in women.

ü  Smoking and alcohol consumption. They are not healthy, right? Smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day and drinking more than one serving of alcohol a day increase your risk for having many kinds of diseases, including breast cancer.

You can see that some of risk factors of breast cancer in women are controllable. You can minimize the risks by having a healthy lifestyle.

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