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Death Symptoms of Breast Cancer: Knowing the Red Signs

Early detection of breast cancer is the key to success in the treatment. However, this is a terminal disease and extremely life threatening.  For some cases, the breast cancer is identified when it has reached the last stage, in which the curative measures mostly aimed for palliative purposes. At this stage, also, the patient’s families must be aware and educated of the death symptoms of breast cancer. Accordingly, they can take the necessary steps to manage the situation.

Death Symptoms of Breast Cancer: The Red Signs

Nobody wants to see these symptoms in any of their family member. However, when the time has come, it must be faced with open mind. The following are some death symptoms of breast cancer, which the family needs to anticipate:

Severe Pain

When the tumor has spread to vital organs like the liver, lungs, bones, and even heart, the patient can feel severe pain. Make sure to find out whether the patients feel the following symptoms:

ü  Joint pains, because the tumor metalizes the bone;

ü  Abdominal pain, usually indicating that the liver has been attacked; or

ü  Chest pain occurs when the cancer cells has attacked the lungs

Unfortunately, identifying these severe pains may be a challenges, since the breast cancer patients, particularly female patients, usually have a good control of their pain. They may not inform such pains to the family members.

Psychological Disturbances

Other death symptoms of breast cancer are psychological problems. The patients may show symptoms like:

ü  Depression. This is evident in almost 50% of the breast cancer patients

ü  Anxiety. About 66% of the patient show this symptom before their death;

ü  Restlessness. Regardless of the severity, the family members need to pay attention to any psychological imbalances in the patients.

While they may be good in keeping the symptoms of severe pains, the patients may not be able to hide these symptoms as they may occur unconsciously.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Make sure to pay attention of gastrointestinal issues like involuntary urination, constipation, and defecation. These show that the patient has lost control over him/herself. Other gastrointestinal problems include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and anorexia.

Other death symptoms of breast cancer are swelling on body organs, particularly feet, legs, and abdomen. No exact reasons behind the swollen body organs have been known. However, they may be related to inflammatory process. The family must also pay attention to neurological malfunctioning like amnesia, poor vision, extreme headache, confusion, and abnormal movements. If those symptoms are seen in the patient, make sure to contact the doctor immediately.

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