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Consuming the Essential Oil to Prevent You from Cancer

Have you ever tried to consume the essential oil? Some essential can identify the wrong DNA. Besides, the rest can also destroy your DNA or even reprogram the DNA properly. The great thing is that some essentials can do these three functions at once.

The question now is that: can this oil prevent you from cancer? Is it able to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer? The answer is yes. Drinking the essential oils will help to boost your immune system and also repair the broken DNA cell.

Several Essential Oils and Their Functions

The kinds of essentials oils are varied. Below are some of them and also the functions.

           Cistus Ladanifer which is usually called cistus is good for your immunity and cell regeneration.

           Frankincense or Boswellia cartery which can stimulate your pituitary and hypothalamus which is great to amplify the immunity.

           Oregano or origanum compactum as a strong agent that has the antimicrobial function. It will fight the bacteria, viruses, parasites, and also fungal infections.

           Cuminum cyminum or cumin. It can repair your DNA and immunity. It acts as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial.

Those are the most powerful essential oils that you can consume. Besides, there are more essential oils that also have the same qualities as the options above. Usually, you just need to consume a drop or two because it is already completed with a huge amount of nutrients. You can consult a doctor in order to get the right dosage of essential oil.

Essential Oil for the Cancer Patients

Any patients who have received the cancer diagnosis can consume the myrrh or frankincense. They can add these essential oils to traditional treatment. However, you need to ensure that your doctor knows about it. It is because this kind of essential oil could have a negative effect on some medicines.

Some essentials oils are packed in a bottle. To keep it always has a high quality, you have to store it properly. Avoid it from the direct sunlight. One of the most recommended essential oils is like Young Living Oils. This kind of oil has a positive track record and high standard. It is also affordable for you. It is not only containing a kind of essential oil but also more than one. This combination is made to boost your immune system. It will help you to fight cancer cells.

If you are not diagnosed with cancer disease, this essential oil will help your natural immune system to fight all diseases. However, you cannot say that consuming this essential oil is the only way to stay away from cancer. You have to combine it with a healthy lifestyle. The examples are like consuming healthy food, avoid the chemical substance for your meals, and do not smoke. It is also recommended for having several treatments and checks. It is especially if you have been diagnosed with cancer. It will be beneficial to make you healthy and cure the cancer.

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