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Can Vitamin D prevent the cancer?

 Vitamin D has some benefits for our health. Some of those benefits are for preventing osteoporosis, rickets, bone pains, and more. Besides, some experts also said that this kind of vitamin can help you to prevent cancer.

The good thing is that Vitamin D is easily found in some foods. Those are like fatty fish such as mackerel, herring, sardines, and tuna. This vitamin can be also found in other meals such as the whole eggs, cheese, milk, salmon, liver, and fortified margarine. 

The free vitamin D can even be gotten from the sunlight at 08.00-10.00am. Your skin will synthesize this vitamin into beneficial nutrition for the body. The recent research showed several surprising facts. The low level of Vitamin D can make you have a higher risk to get breast cancer.

How this vitamin will work to prevent that cancer? Actually, vitamin D is an important aspect of the endocrine system. It will help to control the growth and also the differentiation of cells. Besides, this vitamin can also repair the broken DNA and synthesize the key enzyme.

Recently, several types of research have even shown that this vitamin has a crucial and brand new function. Vitamin D is known to have a great effect in addition to the nuclear receptor site. It is as well as the receptor sites located on the cell membrane. Besides, it can also increase the amount of cancer cell membranes.

However, the focus of cancer researcher is on how Vitamin D can regulate cell differentiation and proliferation is. In addition, they also want to know the detailed mechanism that this vitamin can do due to a DNA repair process.

Some laboratories released their research where this vitamin inhibits the growth of the new blood vessels. It is usually needed by the tumor. The cancer cell is also the same. It can act like the fetal cells which can spread quickly. It can come into the liver, lung, or breast cells. In this case, Vitamin D will switch these undifferentiated cells to be a normal one.

In simple words we can say that Vitamin D will help to adjust almost all parts of the cancer cells. It is from the genetic into the cytoskeleton. This vitamin will switch the genes off and on. Besides, it can reduce the division of the cell and then calm the cancer cell. It means that those cells will be more settled. It will be not spread. It also seems that this vitamin will change the cancer cells into healthy and normal ones.

You may consume some foods which contain this vitamin. Consuming the supplement can be also recommended. However, you have to ensure that it is at the right amount; especially if it is for daily consumption. Consuming too much vitamin D can bring several side effects such as tiredness, weakness, dry mouth, vomiting, nausea, and more. It is more recommended to consult a doctor to get more advice and the right dosage of consuming vitamin D every day.

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