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Types of Breast Cancer Treatments Available for Patients

 Due to technology development, types of breast cancer treatments are now varied. Every year, about 1500 men and 21600 women are diagnosed with this disease. Based on the research, several people are considered as the riskier group to be diagnosed with cancer.

The examples are those with easy onset on menstruation and have a history of cancer in their family. For your information, patient with undergoing hormone replacement therapies also has a higher risk to be diagnosed with breast cancer. How about your lifestyle?

The bad lifestyle can also trigger the cancer cells to grow. However, several breast cancer treatments are usually recommended by a doctor, it will be chosen based on some conditions. Below are some of those treatments that you can use. 

Surgeries Treatments

The first treatment is surgery. Usually, the aim of this treatment is to lift the tumor. This surgery is also done to dissect out the carcinogenic tissues, it is especially for the affected area. The surgeries also have several different types.

An example is an excisional biopsy or lumpectomy. The next is simple or total mastectomy breast cancer treatments. It is done to remove some or maybe the entire breast area which is affected by the cancer cells. The next surgery is called radical/modified mastectomy.

This surgery is usually done if cancer is too severe. This surgery will be done by a doctor or surgeon. She/he will remove the entire breast together with the underarm lymph nodes. That is why; a detailed examination and diagnosis must be done before.

Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy

Radiotherapy is a popular treatment. The intensive radiotherapy is usually used to kill the invisible cancer cells which are unseen by our naked eyes. Usually, radiotherapy will be given after surgery to kill the left cancer cells in your body.

The aims of these breast cancer treatments are to kill carcinogenic cells. Furthermore, it can also stop further multiplication. Another treatment is chemotherapy. This treatment is used the anti-carcinogenic drugs and other chemicals to kill the cancerous cells inside a body.

It means that the drugs are also effective to stop the growth of those cancer cells. In fact, the types of drugs used can be varied. An oncologist can also combine more than one drug in this treatment. It is usually called regimens.

Antihormonal Therapy

Do you know about the estrogen receptor-positive tumor? It means that in some breast cancer cases, estrogen can trigger the cancer cell inside a body to grow. If you are in this condition, the anti-hormonal therapy may be suggested by a doctor.

This kind of treatment is effectively preventing those cells to grow further and affect the body. It means that cancer will not spread to other tissues or body parts. It is hoped that your cancer will be not becoming more severe.

A doctor can suggest you have one or maybe more than one treatment at the same time. Whatever the treatment is, it is recommended to consult an oncologist first. They will do the right examination to find the best breast cancer treatments for you.


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