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The Latest Advance Therapies for Breast Cancer Patients

Some patients may choose to do traditional therapies for their breast cancer problems. It is not the wrong thing, but advanced therapies can help to boost their health. That is why; if you are having this condition, you can try these kinds of advanced therapies. 

1. CSA or Cyrosurgical Ablation

You need to know that cryosurgical is one of the best ablation treatments to destroy tumors. It will be freezing and also thawing those tumors. Two major mechanisms can be sued. Those are the immediate and delayed. The doctor can help to choose the right one. Based on some sources, during this cryosurgery, your immune system as a host can be sensitive. It is the effect of tumors that are destroyed. It is said that the major tumor tissue will be destroyed by the cryosurgery. Meanwhile, the metastases will be destroyed by your immune system after getting this procedure.

2. Brachytherapy or the Seed Knife Therapy

This therapy uses the seed implantation with iodine 125 or palladium 103 seeds. It is so effective and recommended for breast cancer. Besides, you will have a shorter recovery time and also less chance to get a bad side effect. Based on the fact, some patients can even go home straightly on the same day they got this treatment. The seed implantation process only needs 45 minutes – 1 hour long. The size of the seed itself can be decided by your doctor based on the severity. These seeds will be implanted into the cancerous masses. It can be implanted in the targeted cells to destroy cancers.

3. Percutaneous Ablation

The next advance therapy for breast cancer is called the percutaneous ablation. This treatment can kill malignant cells. This ablation can kill the tumor or cancer in an organ specifically. A needle electrode will be used in this process. This tool is targeted into some tumors through several routes such as laparoscopic, open, or percutaneous route. The doctors even recommend this treatment for several cancers including breast cancer.

4. The Combined Immunotherapy

This immunotherapy procedure has a goal to increase the body's natural immune. This immune cam is used to attack cancer cells. In these last 10 years, some experts found that this kind of advanced treatment gave a good result. It always becomes the focus of the researchers to know the best thing to do.

5. Targeted Chemotherapy

The targeted chemotherapy is the right treatment for patients who want to minimize the side effect of the whole chemotherapy. In this targeted procedure, the doctor can give you drugs or some substances.

 These medications can prevent cancer cells from dividing. It can also destroy the cancer cell effectively. That is why; the doctor will need precise information about your tumor's DNA profile. It will be used to identify the best additional options. 

 Also, you need to know that this treatment cannot be used for all kinds of cancers. The examples of targeted therapies which has been achieved are like the hormone therapies, gene expression modulators, signal transduction inhibitors, and more.  

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