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Rate of Stage 3 Breast Cancer in the World

Some of you know that stage 3 breast cancer is a quite severe type of this disease. For your information, this stage is also separated into three different distinct levels or stages. They have their own characteristic of infection spread differences.

The survival rate of this disease is actually quite high than the stadium 4. It is at a 50% chance to survive where the data was taken in 5 years duration. It means the treatment done by a doctor is possible to heal cancer

The survival rate can be influenced by several factors. The examples are like the treatments done, healthy lifestyle, genetics, and more. Below is some more information about stage 3 breast cancer diseases and its survival rate in the world. Check this out.

3 Different Categories

It is stated before that this level of cancer has three different categories. Those are the stage 3A, 3B, and also 3C. The 3A stage means that the tumor inside your breast has grown up for about 5 centimeters for its diameter.

The malignant tumor might have spread to your lymph nodes, collar bone, and armpit area. Another case of this stage 3A is where the tumor also has grown 5 centimeters and only spread in your lymph nodes near the breast area.

It means that a doctor needs to do the exact diagnosis about this stage 3 breast cancer. The survival rate for this stage 3A disease is 51-56%. It is better to see your doctor. Don’t forget to obey and follow all treatments suggested by the doctor.

The Stage 3B Breast Cancer

The stage 3B breast cancer is actually more severe. It is a condition where the malignant tumor has spread to the chest muscles, towards the tissues of the skin, chest walls, and ribs. Based on the fact, a rare case can happen too.

Sometimes in this stage 3 breast cancer, the malignant tumor can affect the lymph nodes located in the breast bone of a patient. Since this stage is more severe, it has a lower survival rate compared with stage 3A of breast cancer.

The survival rate is at around 42% - 49%, however, this survival rate is higher than the stage 3C. It is known that stage 3C is the most severe one. Whatever the condition is, getting help from a doctor is always recommended.

The Stage 3C

This stage of breast cancer is divided into two different things, those are the operable and inoperable stage. The operable stage is when the breast tumor has spread and also affected your lymph nodes located around the neck. It is also under the collarbone.

Meanwhile, the inoperable stage means that the breast tumor has spread. It has affected your lymph nodes, especially those who are located above the collarbone area. The survival rate of stage 3C is around 35%, however, there is a good thing to know.

This research was taken when the cancer treatments were not yet advanced. It means that with better development of technology and knowledge nowadays, the condition is different. Stage 3 breast cancer survival rates can be a way higher than before.

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