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Obesity in Breast Cancer and Its Negative Impact

Based on the research, obesity in breast cancer has a negative impact on several aspects. One of them is for the life expectancy or survival rate. It is not in line with the hopes owned by women who were diagnosed with breast cancer disease.

It is because all of them for sure will do everything to fight and at last win the fight. Obesity can make it is harder, it is because the new study said that having a normal weight will increase the survival rate of a patient.

Why? Obesity in breast cancer will make the estrogen hormone increase. It is like food for cancer cell-like what is stated in several types of research. You need to gain more information about obesity and breast cancer relationship, here is further information.

Research on Obesity and Breast Cancer

Most experts speculate that overweight women have higher estrogen. That hormone circulates in their blood. It will support the cancerous cells inside their body. Based on data, the latest project involved about 4000 women diagnosed with breast cancer.


Those are in the year of 1995-2006 with 262 deaths. The researchers checked the BMI or body mass index of women at the age of 18. They also checked when those women were diagnosed. The experts then found the impact of obesity in breast cancer.

Based on that research, obese women with BMI values over 30 had a 69% higher risk of dying. Meanwhile, normal-weight women had more chances to survive. The risk of dying is even higher for those who are 18 years old and had an obesity problem.

Important Finding

In fact, the relation between obesity and breast cancer is an important finding here. However, there is one more find to know. Maintaining your weight in the late teen period is matters more than people every thought, it is really important to do.

For a patient where estrogen is really influencing cancer cells to grow, the greater the BMI, the greater risk will appear. It means that it will be harder to survive. However, it is not for them who are in an estrogen negative form of breast cancer.

That is why; obesity in breast cancer is not recommended. It is better to stay away from that condition. However, you also need to talk to your doctor. It is done to know the detail of that disease and other factors which can influence the disease.

Best Way to Prevent Cancer

Maintaining your weight in a normal one is the smart move, it is a thing that you can do. In addition, most experts will also recommend you to have a healthier lifestyle. The example is for not drinking alcoholic food and beverage.

It is more recommended to consume healthy and balanced foods. To find the right food, you can follow the dietary guidelines which are shared by some trusted sources. It is usually coming from an institution or person who has more experience with the disease.

Following that the dietary plan is a good start. Don’t forget to make a schedule about exercising. It will help to reduce your weight. Meanwhile, manage your activity too. Stay away from obesity in breast cancer will make your health and mind are better.

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