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Healthy Foods to Decrease the Risk of Breast Cancer


In recent years, the number of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer showed a great rise. Actually, this kind of cancer can be controlled really well if it is still in the early stage. That is why; it is always recommended to have early detection for it.

Besides, it is also crucial to consume healthy foods that can prevent you from breast cancer. This kind of food can boost your immune system to fight all illnesses, including the malignant cancer cell. It is especially when they are still at their early stage.

Some foods and supplements contain essential nutrients and substances that can help our natural immune system to fight various viruses and diseases. Below are some foods which are recommended to help you fight breast cancer.

1. Flaxseed

First, we have flaxseed. This kind of food has omega 3, lignans, and also fiber. Those can protect your body to fight the cancer cell. To consume it, you can add this flaxseed into the smoothie or yogurt. This food can add the nutty taste there. Besides, you can also use this flaxseed to baked foods, cookies, muffins, and more.

2. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are beneficial to boost our immunity. It will help our body to prevent the inflammation and growth of the tumor. Brazil nuts contain various substances such as phytochemicals, selenium, and fiber.

3. Garlic

Some foods such as onions, garlic, chives, and scallions are really recommended to be consumed if you want to fight breast cancer. These foods will slow the tumor’s growth. It can prevent breast cancer and other kinds of cancer as well. If you want to get its benefit, it is recommended to consume at least a piece of garlic every day.

4. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a kind of fruit which is rich in polyphenol. Actually, polyphenol is an acid that contains the anti-oxidant agent which can prevent the cancer cell to grow. You have to know that it is the most recommended meal that you can consume to prevent breast cancer.

5. Solomon

Solomon is so healthy because it provides a nutrient that can regulate the growth of the cancer cells. Those nutrients are like Vitamin D, B12, and omega 3. Based on some clinical research, several kinds of vitamin B12 can prevent cancer cells. In order to cook this Solomon, you can steam it or maybe grill it. Usually, people will cook it together with garlic, peppers, or even green tea.

6. Pepper

Pepper is a herb that has a strong taste. The good thing is that this ingredient has the essential ingredients to help your body in fighting cancer cells. One of the substances owned by this herb is phytochemical. In addition, the red pepper also contains capsaicin and antioxidant. You can put it in food or eat it directly.

Besides those kinds of foods, there are still some other ingredients that are good to prevent breast cancer. Those are like green tea, walnuts, berries, grapes, and more.

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