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The Cause of Breast Cancer, Obesity Leading Big Role

 Lately, various studies have concerned to find the cause of breast cancer regarding the number of people who get attacked. Each year, the number keeps increasing significantly. Most of the survivors are women that have a higher risk than a man.

Recent studies have been published showing that obesity becomes one of the most influential factors in breast cancer. Even, for those who have in recurrence state and have been treated appropriately. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) data, the American adults who get overweight are more than 70%.

This condition certainly puts then in higher danger, not only for getting heart disease, diabetes, but also breast cancer. It mostly becomes riskier if you keep gaining weight after menopause because the fat tissue can raise estrogen. This way, you’ll end up getting breast cancer easily.

Obesity Becomes the Main Cause of Breast Cancer

Numerous studies have done to analyze the main cause that brings cancer to people. Lately, new research has shown that obesity becomes one of the main reasons for it. Having too much fat can ups your hormone levels easily.

Some research has already explained that after getting menopause, women with elevated estrogen hormones have 2-3 times to get breast cancer. It is inevitable because fat cells become the main source of hormones for menopause women.

Findings the Correlation

The correlation between obesity and the cause of breast cancer has been proved by this recent study. The team has records for almost 6,300 menopause women that are divided into 13 different studies. The main goal is to find out how sensitive hormone and obesity can affect breast cancer for some of the participants, while it has no big impact on others.

The research found out those obese women have 50% estrogen level higher than leaner women. It also showed that testosterone levels for obese women were 16% higher. Specifically, the risk factor was developed by controlling drinking and smoking.

How to Deal with It?

Just knowing the cause of breast cancer can’t make any differences when you don’t change the overall lifestyle. Rather than only taking treatment and prescribed medicine, combining those two procedures with a healthier lifestyle can be helpful to cure your condition.

First of all, try to look and count everything you’re eating. You can start to limit food intake from high-calorie food to more natural like veggies, whole grains, and fruits. Don’t ever change everything instantly, you should take it gradually step by step. For instance, decrease your carbo intake into a smaller portion.

Along with that, getting involved with a fitness program will make your diet program become easier. Or, when you are too busy with that, spare your time to keep jogging and workout whenever you can. Always watching calorie intake and becoming more active can be so much help to cure your health issues, including breast cancer.

Even little weight loss can bring so much benefit for your entire life. Whether it can help you look more attractive and slim, or become healthier, changing lifestyle is worth to try. Not only minimizing the cause of breast cancer, but it can also decrease the possibility of getting diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease, high blood pressure, and painful osteoarthritis.

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