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Prognosis Factors of Stadium 4 Breast Cancer Disease

The stadium 4 breast cancer is known as the severest stage of this disease. At this stage, the malignant tumor has been spreading to other areas in your body. The examples are in your skin, lungs, liver, brain, or even the distant lymph nodes.

That is why; it is hard to heal this cancer. In this stadium 4 cancer, it is also known as the metastatic or advanced stage. The condition can be really serious. It is better to obey and follow all procedures suggested by your doctor.

Just like other stages, this stadium 4 breast cancer also comes with several prognosis factors. It is involved in the prediction of outcome and also the survival chance. It is based on some experiences, and here are those prognosis factors you should know.

Survival Tendency

The first prognosis factor is known as the survival tendency, based on the experience, the 5-year survival rate for people with metastatic breast cancer is only about 20%. Stage 4 breast cancer is usually incurable and really severe.

That is why; the stadium 4 breast cancer treatment is usually for prolonging life expectancy. The next factor is known as the histology factor. This factor can influence the aggressiveness of cancer cells which are found in a tumor.

In breast cancer cases, it is known as the tubular adenocarcinoma. This type is known as the strongest and most survivable. Furthermore, inflammatory cancer on a stage 4 breast cancer patient with a five-year survival rate is only 11 percent.

Hormonal Factor

It cannot be denied that the hormonal factor also plays an essential role. Several hormone replacement therapies have more risks in developing cancer cells. The examples are like in birth control medications or other hormonal medical procedures, the cancerous cell can be triggered to grow.

In order to know whether the hormones could cause malignant tumor growth or not, a doctor may use the hormone receptor status test. The example is if the stadium 4 breast cancer patient is progesterone or estrogen receptor-positive (ER+/PR+).

Usually, the cancer cells will respond to the hormone suppressions treatments. These patients with a 3-year survival rate reach about 97%. It is quite high. Meanwhile, the ER-/PR- patient with a three-year survival rate is less. It is about 83% only.

The Areas where Cancer Spread

The area where cancer cell has spread is another factor of stadium 4 breast cancer prognosis. In addition, the size of the tumor also plays an important role in this case. Furthermore, the race and age factor can also affect the condition that happened in a patient.

You must be more careful if there is a history of breast cancer in your family. Usually, you can have a higher risk to be diagnosed with the disease. It responses to some treatments used for cancer, those are like biological, medications, chemotherapy, and etc.

Knowing the prognosis factor of each stage of cancer disease is crucial. It is for them who live with cancer or for you who are not diagnosed with this disease. In fact, the prognosis factors of stadium 4 breast cancer are varied and diverse.

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