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Medical Breast Cancer Reconstruction Information and Procedures

Breast cancer reconstruction can be a recommended method by a doctor when you are diagnosed with this disease. It is not a thing which is hoped by women. However, sometimes you may need to remove a portion or maybe the entirety of your breast.

Remove the entire breast is called mastectomy. The doctor will recommend it in a certain conditions. It means that not all breast cancer levels must be healed with this procedure. However, you don’t need to be worried if a doctor suggested this method.

It is because there are several reconstruction methods that you can have. It will make the surgery was not noticeable anymore. Breast cancer reconstruction can be done in several stages to get the perfect result, here are some of the reconstruction methods. 

Breast Implant

A breast implant is maybe one of the most popular breast reconstruction methods. The implant will be lodged behind the pectoral muscle of your chest. Besides, a doctor or surgeon can use the permanent implant. However, it is based on your breast skin quality.

It is also based on how huge the implants are going to be. If you choose this breast cancer reconstruction method, usually your doctor will suggest for the second procedure. It is done to contour the ideal breast shape, so it won’t look strange.

It means that your surgeon will adjust the breast symmetry. Besides, it can be done on an outpatient basis as well. For your information, the implant method is usually done by those who want to make their breast bigger. It is a normal thing now. 

The Staged Approaches may be Done

When you are thinking about this breast implant procedure, the staged approaches may be applied too. This method can be done straightly after the mastectomy. However, if you want to, it can be delayed until the patient is ready enough to do this reconstruction.

In this breast cancer reconstruction, a tissue expanding device will be placed along your chest wall. It is done as a space saver. It will become a location where the permanent implant is going to be placed. The saline will be injected.

After a few weeks, the next process is done. A doctor can inject more saline. This second stage may use a needle through your skin. Some months after that, the patient will get an operation. It is done to exchange the expansion device.

TRAM Flap Procedure

It is the third breast cancer reconstruction procedure that you may have. The tissue is removed from your abdomen, then it will be replaced with your chest area. It is done to develop new and healthy breast tissue. The result is more natural.

In addition, the shape is more symmetrical as well, however, there are some weaknesses to this approach. First is the scar in your abdomen area. The second is a weakness that you may feel in the abdominal wall, hernia, or even the bulges.

The choice is yours. All medical reconstructions above are actually secure. It is better to make a comparison first between those three procedures. You can discuss it with your doctor, physician, or surgeon to choose the right breast cancer reconstruction.

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