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Diagnosing Breast Cancer; How to Do It Properly?

Diagnosing breast cancer early will immediately give more chances to the sufferer to keep alive and survive. The earlier you notice the abnormal cell around your breast, the greater number of various treatments you can choose as an option.

The emergence of breast cancer itself basically comes from the uncontrolled growth of numerous malignant cells inside your body. It then develops into lumps and even tumors, although almost 80% diagnosis classifies it to be non-malignant and not cancerous.

Indeed, checking the malignant mass regularly is better to identify cancer and prevent the worst to happen. You must already know that breast cancer becomes one of the most death causes among cancer cases for women. Thus, early diagnosis can’t go wrong.

Diagnosing Breast Cancer Properly

To minimize the bad effects of breast cancer, you have to keep maintaining and checking your condition regularly. Specifically, women who are being the most targeted one should detect it earlier to avoid the worst thing. Thanks to the advancement of medical technology these days, detecting cancer can be easily done even before showing serious symptoms.

For women aged 40 or older, they are advised to continuously get an annual mammogram. Some people may feel uncomfortable because the process involves an x-ray, but the level of radiation used in this technique is low and safe. It is a perfect way to find cancer cells before getting serious symptoms.

Besides, you can also pick other options. For instance breast ultrasound that uses sound waves to find the breast lump or only fluid-filled cyst by showing the structure inside your body into images. Or, the biopsy also can be suitable for diagnosing breast cancer using specialized needles that are guided by an x-ray.

The biopsy method seems more complicated but giving a more specific result. The sample of biopsy will be sent to the laboratory and be analyzed by some experts. They will immediately see whether the cells are cancerous or nor, whether the cells aggressive or not.

Diagnosing Breast Cancer Earlier by Self-Exam

The debate on how valuable detecting breast cancer earlier has been discussed over the years. In 2008, reportedly self-examination by unnecessary biopsies has no meaningful impact on survival rates. Lately, the American Cancer Society has decided to no longer recommend self-exam using screening tools.

Meanwhile, there is an easy way to check the probability of having breast cancer by using hands only. This no-cost tool method can be applied regularly. Ideally, this method is perfect for 20s women to perform repeatedly. The best time to practice is a week after your period.

1.      Start your position by lying down comfortably on your back.

2.      Put one of your hand behind your own head,

3.      Press gently your breast using another hand with your finger,

4.      Do the same to the other breast with the other hand.

By checking and pressing your own breast, you can easily find when there is a change in its size, texture, or color. If you find abnormalities, it is the right time to get an additional screening. The result of ultrasound, biopsy, or mammography will be helpful while you're diagnosing breast cancer directly before getting serious symptoms.

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