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Detecting Breast Cancer Early, a Greater Chance of Survival

Detecting breast cancer early can be helpful to give the sufferers a greater chance of healing and survive. Generally, cancer cells have normal appearances like others but with abnormal behavior. These cells can mutate uncontrollably and spread into other organs.

Breast cancer itself becomes one of the most common cases among women, although it can attack men too. According to the American Cancer Society, currently, breast cancer has been diagnosed to 1 in 10 women. In recent years, the trend keeps increasing slightly by 0.3% per year.

Regarding the death case for women, breast cancer is nominated in the second position with a ratio of 1 in 38 cases or 2,6%. Luckily, detecting breast cancer symptoms early can be a huge help to choose the perfect treatment. Moreover, you can do it easier with so many options nowadays.

Self-Breast Exams (SBE)

In fact, detecting breast cancer early in its localized stage can improve up to 99% survival rate. Even, you can do it by yourself without any help from a specialist. Early detection can be done by regularly perform Self Breast Exams (SBE).

Take your time to learn how to do it correctly before informing others to help their life. Keep in mind to perform it monthly, specifically after your menstrual circle. All material you need to do it is just hands.

1.      Take off all your clothes and bra, and then try to examine your breast by looking in the mirror.

2.      Analyze its shape, size, color, or texture around the breast area. Does it change or still like the wait it used to be?

3.      Continue your analysis by raising your arms above your head.

4.      Lie down your right arm overhead and use three middle fingers, start from the nipple, then move outward.

5.      Press your breast lightly. Add the pressure to medium and hard. Feel the breast up and down to make sure there are no lumps, dimpling, or other issues.

6.      Switch your arm and redo the step from the beginning.

Clinical Breast Exams (CBE)

To assist early detection, you need more detailed CBE to get the correct result clinically. Even, in the CBE process, the trained medical professional also will perform SBE as the first beginning. Besides, there are also various types of detecting breast cancer with different technologies, such as;

1.      Mammography; the method is used by getting X rays or other devices to detect breast cancer, even the lump presence is still a little and patients feel nothing about it.

2.      Ultrasonography; this method applies a device that looks like pregnancy ultrasonography. It will display every part of the breast by sound image to catch the lump.

3.      Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); this approach uses magnet and radio waves to diagnose breast cancer by showing every detailed part of the breast on the screen clearly.

4.      Biopsy; the procedures take tissue samples to be checked in the laboratory by examining the cell characteristic.

Along with early detection to survive, you can try to prevent it by changing your lifestyle. From now on, limit your alcohol consumption, exercise regularly, know your family history in cancer, and eat healthy food. Combining these healthy lifestyles and detecting breast cancer early can help you to keep survive.

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