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Breast Cancer in Men: What Is It All About

Even though it seems unusual, breast cancer in men is nothing new. However, we cannot deny that this case is pretty rare. It is safe to say that this case is no more than one percent of all breast cancer matters out there.

Moreover, in a thousand men, breast cancer may only occur in one of them. This cancer is typically identified when there is a firm lump beneath the areola or nipple. Considering how rare the case is, most men may not aware of it.

Many people don’t even notice that men also have breast tissue which is of course, different from women. Since almost all cells in our body can turn into cancer, it is possible for breast tissue in men to develop breast cancer too.

The Most Common Breast Disorder in Men

Breast cancer in men is not entirely similar to the one develops in women. The most common disorder that happens in the male breast is called gynecomastia. Instead of a tumor, this breast disorder is like an augment in the amount of breast tissue in men.

Most of the time, men don’t have too much breast notice to be seen or felt. However, when gynecomastia occurs, you can notice a disk-like or button-like growth beneath the areola and nipple. When it happens, you may see and feel it sometimes.

However, some men may experience more severe gynecomastia compared to others. In this case, the gynecomastia probably appears like tiny breasts. In other cases, neither breast men in cancer nor gynecomastia disorder may grow under man’s nipples.

For this reason, you are recommended to have something like a lump checked by a doctor. Gynecomastia itself is more common among young boys since they typically have imbalance hormones that are influenced by body changes during their puberty.

In uncommon matters, gynecomastia may happen due to an increase in estrogen levels in men. It can be caused by particular endocrine diseases or tumors in man’s body. Although it is normal for men’s glands to produce estrogen, it shouldn’t be much.

Surgery Treatment for Male Breast Cancer

Aside from gynecomastia, real breast cancer in men is categorized in several types including invasive ductal carcinoma, invasive lobular carcinoma, and ductal carcinoma in situ. Most breast cancers that happen in men are carcinoma that begins in cells that produce glandular tissue.

Besides the common breast cancer types above, there are also sarcomas, angiosarcomas, phyllodes, and Paget’s disease that typically begin in the cells of the fat, connective tissue, and muscle. A single tumor is probably a mix of several dissimilar cancers.

Similar to female breast cancer, breast cancer that occurs in men can be treated with surgery. In most cases, cancer will be treated with a mastectomy method. After breast-conserving surgery, the treatment will be pursued by radiation therapy.

To conclude, in addition to women, men are prone to breast cancer as well. Even though the case is very rare, it doesn’t mean that you can overlook the risk factors. Consider learning some ways to prevent breast cancer in men for the best.

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