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Breast Cancer Awareness You Have to Know

From time to time, many parties make so much effort to spread breast cancer awareness, especially for women. Lately, the research has found out that this disease becomes number one among top cancers attacking and causing death for women.

Although seems dangerous, many people have no idea about how it feels when breast cancer is attacking them. Some of the early stage patients even feel nothing change about their bodies. However, breast cancer will change to be a deadly disease when people being ignorant.

To know more specific about this disease, keep reading this brief explanation about breast cancer. Cancer itself comes from an abnormal cell inside our body that change to attacking other cells and organs. It is a kind of malignant tumor with an uncontrolled manner that easily spread beyond its anatomical boundary.

The Risk Factors for Having Breast Cancer

Although every woman has been indicated to have a cancer cell inside their bodies, it can only be more dangerous when attacking people with certain conditions. That’s why understanding breast cancer awareness can so helpful to detect its symptoms early. People with these conditions below may have a higher chance to get breast cancer.

1.      Genetics

Carrying the combinations of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are believed can significantly develop a higher risk of breast cancer. Mostly, women who have this mutation literally indicate 5-10 times the risk to develop breast cancer, regarding women without any mutation. The risk also can be from these conditions:

a.      Having had breast cancer in another breast

b.      Getting older

c.       One or more of your family has diagnosed breast cancer

d.      Having predisposing breast conditions

e.      Being Caucasian women

2.      Unhealthy lifestyle

The most important to embed breast cancer awareness is by changing your lifestyle to be healthier. Obese people have a higher chance to be attacked by cancer and another illness because of too much fat in their bodies. Also, keep maintaining your food and alcohol intake consistently.

3.      Other reasons

Still, other reasons may cause cancer like the long term HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), early menarche, late childbirth, or late menopause.

Breast Cancer Awareness; Things You Should Know

Because the early stage of breast cancer usually has no symptoms, you may find the answer by examining your own breast specifically. Keep checking whether your boobs have lumps underarm or in the breast, having ultimately changed or not.

If you can’t do it correctly, just come to doctors that can help you to find the truth. Generally, doctors apply the triple test to analyze your symptoms. These three parts of its triple test are;

1.      Clinical examination

2.      Imaging of the breast

3.      Breast biopsy

Not only understanding breast cancer awareness perfectly, but you also have to know the best treatment suited to your case. Until now, surgery is still being the primary treatment to cure breast cancer with clear resection margins.

This procedure also can be combined with adjuvant therapy that is designed for treating the micrometastatic issue. It can be categorized into several treatments like hormonal therapy, targeted therapy using monoclonal antibodies, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

Overall, healthy lifestyle can help you decrease the risk of having breast cancer. Keep maintain your regular exercise, a healthy balanced diet, and avoid too much alcohol intake. Spreading breast cancer awareness also can help people get early detection and proper treatment to survive.

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