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Types of Breast Cancer Surgery to Learn in Advance

Depending on certain reasons, a method of breast cancer surgery that you take can be different from others. It’s no secret that surgery becomes the most common treatment to ease breast cancer. It is performed to get rid of the cancer area in the breast.

Your doctor may refer to this surgery as lumpectomy or wide local excision. However, some others may also name the method of breast-conserving surgery. While attempting to remove cancer, the surgeon will try to leave healthy breast tissue behind.

While breast conversing surgery is supposed to leave the healthy tissue, there is also mastectomy that tends to take away all the breast tissue, including the area of your nipple. After undergoing breast conversing radiotherapy is frequently performed to complete the treatment. 

Then, before the particular breast cancer surgery, your doctor may also offer some other methods like targeted therapy, hormone therapy, or chemotherapy. Now your question must be: which type of surgery should you take among the options? Read on to find out more!

Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction

Since you have already known lumpectomy, a surgery that takes away the area of cancer only, it is time to learn further about mastectomy. Different from a lumpectomy, mastectomy is performed to women that require removing their whole breast because of cancer.

If you choose to have this surgical option, the surgeon may eradicate the tissues that conceal your chest muscles in addition to the whole breast tissue. Even though it is pretty rare, this breast cancer surgery may require removing the chest wall’s muscles too.

After the surgery, the doctor may suggest you have radiotherapy, especially if there is a possibility that cancer will come back. The radiotherapy will be performed in the area near the lymph glands, the area of the scar, and the chest wall.

Moreover, there is also breast reconstruction that is often suggested by your doctor or surgeon if you want to make a new breast shape. You can have the procedure at the same time as the mastectomy or some moments later after the main operation.

Which Breast Surgery Should Be Taken

When it comes to breast cancer surgery, there is also a procedure to remove the lymph nodes. Since cancer cells have probably invaded the lymph nodes, you may be suggested to take this procedure. Your lymph nodes will be examined before or during the procedure.

If cancer cells are discovered in the lymph nodes, your surgeon is likely to eradicate nearly all the nodes beneath your arm. Since the choice will be yours, your doctor will typically provide you some surgical options or simply suggest the most appropriate method.

The different procedures can be taken based on several factors, such as the size of your breasts, the size of cancer, and where the cancer is located in your breast. Besides, your personal feelings and wishes will also be considered when choosing a procedure.

To conclude, you can consider your doctor’s suggestions and your personal feelings when selecting the right surgical method to remove breast cancer. You may consider additional procedures like breast reconstruction after the main breast cancer surgery as well.

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