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The Appropriate Stage 2 Breast Cancer Handling

The right breast cancer handling is always recommended for any stage of this disease. It is also for stage 2 breast cancer. If you have reached stage 2, it means that the cancer cells have developed. However, they have not spread to the whole body. These cancer cells only exist in the breast or circulate in the lymph near the breast. Stage 2 breast cancers are divided into two; those are stage 2A and 2B.

Those stages are having different severity and symptoms. To know the exact stage of breast cancer, you need to see the doctor. Several steps might help you deal with the stage of breast cancer two that you are experiencing. It will make the status of your tumor does not change to a more severe stage. It is also a reason why you need breast cancer handling soon.

Besides the handling, there are several steps or treatments which are recommended. It is primarily for stage 2 breast cancer. Here are those steps:

• Operations

If the tumor that you have is still relatively small, you might be able to do breast surgery or lumpectomy. This operation only removes cancer and some of the surrounding tissue. However, a mastectomy (breast removal) operation may be needed if your tumor is large enough. After the mastectomy procedure, surgery can be performed to improve the appearance of the breasts.

• Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can be done before and circle your operation. If it was done before surgery, chemotherapy aims to reduce the size of the tumor. A Chemotherapy which was done after surgery is useful to help destroy the cancer cells that have not been completely removed. When doing this breast cancer handling, super-strength drugs will be inserted into your body through blood vessels for several weeks or months. The doctors can give you chemotherapy drugs in pill form.

• Therapy

This treatment can help eradicate cancer cells that have not been removed after lumpectomy surgery. Radiation therapy can also be processed if you have an operation, especially if you have a tumor or cancer cells in lymphatic cancer. The doctor may suggest it to you for any condition.

•Therapy of hormone

Several kinds of breast cancer can become active because they affect hormones. If you have active hormones, you might be able to undergo hormone therapy. Hormone therapy drugs can prevent tumors that have contact with these hormones. If you are not in a menopause condition, you may need to do an ovarian regulator to stop producing hormones. You can take drugs that can prevent the ovaries from releasing hormones.

Stay calm and do not despair when diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. It is estimated that the likelihood of living with stage 2 breast cancer within five years is 93 percent. It means, with proper breast cancer handling, it is estimated that about 93 out of 100 stage 2 breast cancer survivors are still alive after five years of being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer diseases.

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