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Some Breast Cancer Symptoms That You Must Be Aware

Breast cancer is a kind of dangerous disease where cells have lost control and normal mechanisms, resulting in abnormal, fast, and uncontrolled growth of cancer that occurs in breast tissue. In general, breast cancer attacks women, but some men may also suffer from breast cancer despite it is just a small chance. If we compare the number of cases of breast cancer in men and women, it can be 1: 1,000. Breast cancer is one type of cancer that is also the biggest cause of death for women in the world. Therefore, it is better to get to know breast cancer symptoms before it attacks you.


Kind of Breast Cancer

In general, breast cancer can be divided into two types based on the nature of the attack.

Invasive breast cancer

In invasive breast cancer, cancer cells damage the ducts and walls of the mammary glands, attacking the surrounding fat and connective tissue. This cancer can be invasive or attack without always spreading (metastatic) to lymph nodes or other organs in the body.

Non-invasive breast cancer

Cancer cells are locked in the milk ducts and do not attack the fat and surrounding connective tissue. DCIS / Ductal Carcinoma In Situ is the most common form of non-invasive breast cancer, whereas LICS / Lobular Carcinoma In Situ is less common but actually. Although it is quite rare, LICS deserves more caution because it could be the breast cancer symptom.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

The initial phase of breast cancer on average is asymptomatic or without any signs and symptoms. The most common signs and symptoms are lumps or thickening of the breast. The symptoms of advanced breast cancer include sunken skin, retraction or deviation of the nipple and pain, tenderness, or discharge, especially bleeding from the nipple. Thick skin with protruding pores with orange peel and / or breast ulceration is a further sign of breast cancer.

Furthermore, as it is explained by Shirlet E. Otto on his pocketbook, several general symptoms may lead to breast cancer including:

Unilateral, persistent, spontaneous breast nipple discharge which has serosanguinous, bloody, or watery character

Incurred mass (especially if hard, irregular, non-tender) or thickening of the breast or axillary area

Changes in breast size, shape or texture (asymmetric)

Nipple retraction or inversion (nipple goes inside)

Shrinking or bending of the surrounding skin Noisy skin around the nipple

Symptoms of local or regional spread including Redness, ulceration, edema, or venous dilation Changes in peau d'orange (such as orange peel) Enlargement of axillary lymph nodes.

Evidence of metastasis like severe headache, projectile vomiting, Weight loss without apparent cause, Enlargement of supraclavicular, and cervical lymph nodes. Abnormal chest X-ray results with or without pleural effusion, Increased alkaline phosphatase, calcium, bone pain with the spread of cancer to the bones, and abnormal liver function.

Finally, those are several breast cancer symptoms that you should be aware of. When you see those symptoms, it seems that you need to consult your doctor to diagnose the condition. Before it gets severe, you will get some treatments to avoid cancer growth.

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