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Several Breast Cancer Stages That Women Need to Know

Breast cancer attacks a person with several stages. Each stage shows how badly cancer has spread. By using this method, doctors can take appropriate measures to provide care to patients. Here, we will discuss breast cancer stages that women should know.

 Cancer Genetics Test

Recently, new technology in the field of medicine can detect the risk of developing breast cancer in someone through a Breast Cancer Susceptibility Gene (BRCA) or genetic test for breast cancer.

One of the risk factors for a person to develop breast cancer is a hereditary factor which is often called genetic or hereditary family. However, the incidence is small at around 5-10 percent.

If the genetic test results indicate a positive result for the BRCA 1 gene, the risk increases cumulatively until the age of 70 years to experience breast cancer or ovarian cancer, which reaches 55-80 percent, or about 10 times greater than the general population.

Through the examination of the BRCA gene, a person can anticipate and proactively make preparations. For example, by applying optimal reproductive patterns early and monitoring early diagnosis of cancer and tumor markers regularly.

By knowing the results of the BRCA examination, doctors can further analyze and take precautions, for example by carrying out prophylactic breast removal therapy earlier, with a success rate reaching more than 90 percent. In fact, the success rate of prevention is higher when compared to drugs (personalized medicine) which can only deal with the development of cancer in a short period of time.

Examination and mapping of genes is a major advance in the era of genomics in the world. This examination is an alternative in screening or screening, early detection, especially for someone who has a family with a history of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and other cancers.

Breast Cancer Stages

In categorizing cancer, medical personnel groups them according to the stages described in the letters T, N, and M.

Each category informs about the condition of cancer. T means a tumor or cancerous lump found in the breast. The larger the size the greater the numbers (T1, T2, T3).

Meanwhile, N stands for nodes as in lymph nodes. This small filter is found throughout the body and in the armpits. Nodes are intended to capture cancer cells before they spread to other parts of the body.

In category M, the numbers 0 and I indicate whether cancer has spread far to the lungs, liver, and bones. The stages of cancer are symbolized by zeros and Roman numerals I, II, III, and IV. At stage 0, cancer has been diagnosed early. The stages of cancer begin in the breast or mammary glands and are already there.

Stage 1

Stage I is when breast cancer is called invasive or has invaded healthy tissue. Meanwhile, at stage IA, cancer has spread to fat breast tissue. Tumors are no bigger than peeled peanuts or there may not even be tumors in Tis (in situ). Furthermore, at the IB stage, several small numbers of cancer cells are found in several lymph nodes.

Stage 2

In stage II, cancer has grown. Meanwhile, in stage IIA, tumors in the breast are still small and there is a possibility there is no cancer in the lymph nodes. Stage IIB breast tumor is bigger. If the tumor is measured, it may be as big as a lime. At this stage, the tumor could be in the lymph nodes. Based on the size, T1 is zero to two centimeters, while T2 is two to five centimeters.

Stage 3

Furthermore, cancer is more difficult to fight even though it has not spread to bones or other organs at stage III. In stage IIIA, cancer has been found to be more than 5 cm in size and lymph nodes form chains of the armpits.

Meanwhile, at stage IIIB, the tumor has grown into the chest wall or skin around the breast or also called the locally advanced stage. While in stage IIIC cancer has been found in lymph nodes, or has spread to the top or bottom of the collarbone.

Stage 4

In breast cancer stage IV, breast cancer cells have spread deep into the breast and lymph nodes. Generally, cancer spreads to bones, lungs, liver, and brain. This stage is described as metastasis which means it has spread outside the body region, where the cancer was first found.

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