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Several Breast Cancer Questions That You May Ask Frequently

 Breasts are parts of a woman's body that are often considered taboo to talk about. In fact, every woman has the right to know anything related to it. So no wonder there are often women who feel ashamed, inferior, to misunderstand about this. Maybe, you have some breast cancer questions for which you don't know the answer. Here are a few breast cancer questions that you may want to know.

What is the size of the left and right breast?

Maybe there are among you who feel weird with your breasts different sizes from one another? The right is bigger or the left? Every woman has breasts with different sizes between left and right. When she is growing up, each breast growth may be different. So, there is no link between the size of the breast and breast cancer.

Is there any hair around the nipples?

Some strands of hair growing around the nipples are not a sign of serious illness. But if the hair is spelled out a lot, it could be that there is a tendency of hormonal signals that are not balanced like polycystic ovary syndrome can be one of the factors. But even that isn't certain, because there are many factors that make it that way.

What about the bumps around the nipples?

Around your nipples are there some little bumps or very small bumps? It turns out that the little protrusion is named Montgomery Glands, and this protrusion produces oil to lubricate your skin so it doesn't dry out. It looks like a pimple, and you are not advised to squeeze it like a pimple, huh!

How do you feel about breast cancer symptoms?

Breasts are suddenly sick, a little swollen until the bulge is not necessarily a disease. It all depends on the hormones in our body and it's very normal! But if you want to know everything for sure, it helps you check regularly with your regular doctor.

Does it itchy?

If you feel itching on the breast, maybe this can be treated by scratching. But if it's too often, you would be suspicious, right? But, this may occur due to hormonal conditions, dry skin, or irritation from detergents or continuing bras attached to the breast.

But again, if the itching starts to bother you, you should come to the doctor to get treatment. Because it could be related to Paget's disease, which is also associated with breast cancer. Moreover, when the itching has been followed by a lump and something comes out of the nipple.

Can use deodorant cause breast cancer?

Relax, apparently there isn't anything to worry about when you use deodorant. The compound inside also contains aluminum which blocks the sweat ducts.

Can cancer be treated with organ transplants?

If the cancer cells have spread, organ transplants will not stop the spread of cancer. Even for organ transplants to be accepted, the body must be given certain injections that weaken the immune system so that the natural resistance to cancer also weakens.

Can diet and exercise cure cancer?

A healthy diet and regular exercise will be much better if done as a cancer prevention measure. If you have cancer, the condition of the body decreases so it should not be forced more than recommended by the doctor.

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