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How to Overcome Side-effects of Treatment for Breast Cancer

Indeed, treatment for breast cancer may help to ease the disease. However, it is no secret that the treatment can be followed by several distasteful side effects. Those who survive from breast cancer may experience continuous headaches, constant tiredness, and even memory loss.

Some breast cancer survivors also face menopausal symptoms and pain. While these side effects are typically different from one person to another, most people who have undergone the treatment tend to experience one of the above issues.

The bad news is that these side effects may continue even after the treatment finishes. Fortunately, some people believe that there are several home remedies to deal with the side effects of treatment for breast cancer

Constant Tiredness after Treatment for Breast Cancer

As mentioned above constant tiredness is one of the side effects that you may experience after having a treatment. We cannot deny that this condition can influence our daily life. You can do the following to help this issue.

1.      Maintain a balanced diet

To boost your energy, it is important to consume and drink minimally five services of veggies and fruits a day. Moreover, you should get adequate protein and calories as well. If you’re not sure, ask your doctor for a general guideline.

Make sure that you consume the recommended levels of protein and calories from the doctor. After treatment for breast cancer, consult with your doctor as well if you are required to take a multivitamin each day.

2.      Being physically active

It’s recommended to get at least 20 minutes of physical activities every day. Of course, you shouldn’t go for something extreme considering the limits of your energy levels and body after getting the treatment. So, pick for simple aerobic exercises once finishing the cancer treatment

For instance, you can do swimming, cycling, walking, and dancing. These aerobic exercises will provide you with several advantages, such as better sleep and increased bodily function. Furthermore, these can help to reduce stress and improve your endurance as well.

Breast and Vaginal Pain after Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast pain is another common symptom of treatment for breast cancer. If you are also facing this problem, try to relieve the pain by doing self-massage or using a warm compress, ice pack, and Epsom salt for bathing. Simply choose one that helps you relax the best.

Moreover, you may consider wearing a bra that has additional support to ease tenderness. If the problem persists, try to talk with your doctor if you need to take a vitamin supplement. A study discovered that vitamin B or E supplements may help.

If you are experiencing vaginal pain after the treatment, a cold compress may help to reduce the tenderness or pain too. For itching in the vaginal area, you can consider utilizing a cotton ball to apply a dissolved mixture of water and apple cider vinegar.

To conclude, treatment may result in several side effects, including constant fatigue, breast tenderness, and vaginal pain. You can use home remedies to deal with these side effects. However, if the problems persevere after treatment for breast cancer, meet your doctor immediately!

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