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Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Men

Breast cancer in men can occur at any age. However, usually, this disease is more often experienced by men aged 60-70 years. Some factors that increase men's risk of breast cancer are heredity, exposure to radiation in the chest, Klinefelter syndrome, obesity, severe liver disease, and the hormone estrogen used by some patients to treat their prostate cancer.

Breast Cancer in Men: the Symptoms

Most of the early symptoms of breast cancer diagnosed in a man are generally not different like symptoms of breast cancer in women:

• The doctor found a lump in the breast. It can be under the nipple or in the areola. Lumps that appear feel springy do not move, and sometimes do not cause pain.

• Nipples are pulled inside.

• Fluid from your nipple.

• The nipple swelling and hardening or the area around the nipple. It can also be accompanied by changes in nipple color that becomes redder.

• The appearance of a rash or wound around the nipple that does not heal.

Several other symptoms may arise if growth is increasingly out of control and even spread (experiencing metastasis). The examples are bone pain, shortness of breath, fatigue all the time until the skin and eyes turn yellow or jaundice.

Breast Cancer in Men Diagnose and Treatment

The process of diagnosing breast cancer in a man is not much different from breast cancer in women. The doctor will conduct a question-answer (anamneses) and a physical examination, especially in the breast, chest, and armpit area. After that, the doctor will do mammography and biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

Doctors will usually plan treatment based on symptoms of breast cancer in men who appear. These treatment options include:


The most common method to treat breast cancer in men is surgery to remove a tumor or the entire breast. When performing the tumor's surgical removal, the doctor will cut cancer and the area around cancer. In a surgical removal of the whole breast, sometimes the doctor will remove the breast, lymph nodes, and some chest muscles.


This radiation therapy uses high-energy rays to damage cancer cells. When radiation therapy is performed for male patients with breast cancer, a large machine is moved around the body and delivers light to the right spot on the chest.

Chemotherapy Procedure

Chemotherapy procedure uses drugs to kill cancer cells, including breast cancer in men. If, after surgery, the cancer cells are still in another area or you have metastatic disease, your doctor will give chemotherapy. It based on your cancer condition and severity.

The chances of a cure for a man with breast cancer are not as good as in women. It is due to a lack of awareness of the condition. As a result, it takes longer to diagnose. The chances of a man recovering from breast cancer usually depend on how far cancer has spread to the body before being diagnosed. Breast cancer in men diagnosed at an early stage usually has a higher chance of cure.

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