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Breast Cancer Treatment: How to cure breast cancer based on medical treatment?

There are several ways to do breast cancer treatment. The choice will be determined by considering many things, such as the type of breast cancer suffered, the stage of cancer development, its spread, medical history, to the results of a series of screening tests. Here are the common breast cancer treatments.

How to treat breast cancer?

Before recommending the right type of treatment for breast cancer, doctors will usually first consider:

Check the breast cancer type

The size of the lump and how far breast cancer has spread in the body

HER2 protein status, estrogen, and progesterone

Age, whether menopause or not

The patient’s desire

Some ways to treat breast cancer that can be recommended by doctors include:

1. Operation

Ordinary surgery is the main method of treatment for breast cancer. In treating breast cancer, surgery is done by removing the lumps in the breast tissue and the surrounding area to help relieve the symptoms of advanced cancer. Surgery as a way to treat breast cancer consists of two types, namely:

Breast conservation surgery

How to treat this type of breast cancer has many other names, ranging from a lumpectomy, quadranectomy, partial mastectomy, or segmental mastectomy.


Mastectomy is also one way to treat breast cancer that is often recommended. This procedure consists of 2 ways, namely simple and radical.

Simple (partial) mastectomy is a way to treat breast cancer by removing all breast tissue including skin, fat tissue, lobules, and vessels.

2. Radiation

Radiation therapy is carried out using high-powered X-rays which are targeted at killing cancer cells. Treating breast cancer by means of radiation therapy (radiotherapy) can be given in two forms. First, external beam radiation with an X-ray machine. Second, internal seed radiation is planted next to the location of the tumor using a needle or catheter.

Radiation is often used as a way to treat by destroying breast cancer cells that escape or are not lifted during surgery. So, in addition to treating cancer that is being suffered, this method can also reduce the risk of disease recurrence in the future.

How to treat breast cancer with radiation therapy will be regularly given to women who are still at high risk after undergoing a mastectomy.

The doctor will also recommend radiation, if:

Tumor size is more than 5 cm

The cancer spreads to lymph nodes

Tumor attacks the chest muscles

Radiotherapy can only begin about one month after surgery. Furthermore, radiation therapy will be given routinely every day for two months.

How to treat breast cancer with radiation therapy will usually be delayed if you also plan to undergo chemotherapy.

Treatment of breast cancer with new radiation may begin when chemotherapy is finished and you have completely recovered from the side effects of chemotherapy.

3. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is probably the most widely known way of breast cancer treatment. The breast cancer treatment of chemotherapy uses drugs that are specially formulated to kill cancer cells. Until now, there are hundreds of breast cancer chemotherapy drugs that have been approved by the FDA and are safe to use as a treatment for breast cancer.

The drug will be injected directly into a vein (intravenously) or taken with water. Sometimes, drugs are also injected directly into the marrow fluid that surrounds the brain and spine. These drugs will enter and spread through the bloodstream to reach cancer cells in the body.

For patients with early breast cancer, chemotherapy treatment can reduce the risk of recurrence and prolong survival. Unfortunately, chemotherapy can also bring side effects, including:

Hair loss

Nails are more fragile

Mouth ulcer

Appetite disappeared so that weight dropped dramatically

Nausea and vomiting


Easier infection because of low white blood cells

It's easier to bruise or bleed because of low platelets

Fatigue due to low red blood cells

Although there are many side effects, most patients and doctors claim the long-term benefits of chemotherapy usually outweigh the risks. Chemo side effects as a treatment for breast cancer will usually disappear after treatment is complete.

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