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Breast Cancer in Pregnancy: What to do?

Breast cancer in pregnancy is a condition that happens in several people. Pregnancy and breastfeeding reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. The prolactin hormone produced by pregnant women will suppress the growth of cancer-causing estrogen. Therefore, the incidence of breast cancer that occurs in pregnant women is quite rare.

Even so, pregnancy, coupled with a diagnosis of breast cancer, is not impossible. Cancer treatment requires persistent and ongoing efforts that make pregnancy are more complicated. Not to mention if you still have to take care of your other children. It's essential to get not only good help but also physically from the people closest to you. 

Next, dig up more information about the relationship between pregnancy and breast cancer so you can plan strategies to find out what is needed. It is also good to know how to go through in a condition of Breast cancer in pregnancy. Discuss this health condition with your family members is essential. They will fully understand your health condition and what they need to do to help you.

The life expectancy of pregnant women with breast cancer

Pregnancy can make a diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer is painful. The numbers of studies conclude that life opportunities between groups of women with breast cancer who are pregnant or not pregnant have equal chances of life. However, this finding was not fully agreed upon by the researchers. A 2013 study examined more than 300 pregnant women diagnosed with breast cancer. During the five year study period, researchers reported comparable levels of life opportunities only in women who had been diagnosed with cancer before pregnancy. Chances for disease-free survival for pregnant women tend to be thinner.

Some doctors believe that abortion can slow the rate of development of breast cancer. They might recommend this solution to women with advanced breast cancer in pregnancy. Abortion is a quick solution for more effective cancer treatments. Still, the numbers of studies in the past found that ending pregnancy may not necessarily improve the chances of survival, and the prognosis of breast cancer patients. It should be noted; these studies have a disability and bias assessment.

For example, women with advanced breast cancer tend to choose to abort their womb. Recent studies for cases such as this cannot be found in any medical journal. It is also hard to consider whether the results of the survey will be different if applied to modern medicine or not.

There has also not been a related study about the effectiveness of delayed therapy, which is sometimes recommended during pregnancy. Likewise, the effect of breast cancer in pregnancy on the fetus is still uncertain. These aspects are considered as challenging to be explored further. There are only a few credible studies that have been conducted to examine breast cancer in pregnant women.

Whatever it is, doing an early detection is always crucial. It will be better for you and your fetus. The doctor can give the best diagnoses and treatment during this breast cancer in pregnancy condition.

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