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All You Need to Know about the Breast Cancer Biopsy

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, maybe the doctors have asked you to do a breast cancer biopsy procedure first. For your information, it is a common thing to do, which is also done by other cancer patients. A breast biopsy is one of the test procedures performed to diagnose breast cancer. How is this procedure carried out? What should you prepare? Check out the full review below. 

A breast biopsy is a procedure by taking samples of tissue in a breast lump for later examination in the laboratory. Lumps in the breast are not always a sign of cancer. Only one in five cases of breast lump found to be cancerous. The breast cancer biopsy is accurate enough to determine whether a lump in your breast is actually classified as cancer or not (only a benign tumor).

When is a breast biopsy necessary?

The doctor will usually ask you to do a biopsy if the results of previous imaging tests detect lumps or suspicious substances in the breast area (and the surrounding regions) lead to cancer symptoms. The doctor can ask you to do a biopsy procedure if there is an unusual change in the nipple. It includes if it bleeds, the skin hardens, and the skin goes inside or crusts on your breast. It can be the symptoms of a tumor in the chest.

Preparations before a cancer breast biopsy

Before you do a breast biopsy, tell your doctor about the allergy that you have. It is if you have experienced symptoms of allergies to anesthesia. Don't forget to tell your doctor about the medications you are taking, including over-the-counter medicines such as aspirin or vitamin supplements. It is because this drug can cause blood thinning.

If the doctor asks you to do a breast MRI, inform your doctor if you have electronic devices installed in the body, such as pacemakers. Also, tell your doctor if you are pregnant or suspect that you are pregnant. Although biopsy is safe for adults, this test may not be considered safe for the unborn fetus.

Experts recommend that you use a bra when a breast biopsy procedure is performed. You may be given a cold compress after the process is finished to help reduce the pain. Your bra will help keep the cooling compress firmly in place.

Breast biopsy procedure

Before doing a breast cancer biopsy procedure, the doctor will first examine your breast through physical examination, ultrasound, mammography, or MRI. If during this initial examination, the doctor found a lump in the breast, the doctor can immediately decide to continue the procedure with a biopsy or not.

During the initial imaging, the doctor may place a thin needle or wire in the breast lump area to make it easier to find it again when having to do a biopsy. The area around the lump to be biopsied will be anesthetized first so that you don't feel pain. Only then, the biopsy procedure will be performed. After completion, the sample obtained from this breast cancer biopsy will be sent directly to the laboratory.

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