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Therapy for Breast Cancer: 5 Natural Options That Work For You

Not all the breast cancer patients are prepared to undergo surgical intervention. Some patients and family prefer to take natural therapy for breast cancer, while others decide to combine medical and natural therapeutic options. Some patients, including those in advanced stage of cancer, claimed to make a full recovery from breast cancers after taking natural remedies.

Human body naturally has a self-healing capability. Therefore, many people believe that natural therapy for breast cancer may help much. Natural therapy may include consuming healthy foods to boost immunity, promoting blood flow, relieving from stress, or oxygenating the cells.

Natural Therapy for Breast Cancer: Here are The Steps..

If you want to cure the breast cancer naturally, the first thing to do is relieving your stress. Then, make sure to combine it with intake of highly nutritious foods, which are important to promote your immunity and maintain healthy blood flow. The following steps may help you:

ü  Identify what causes your stress. If you do not know the root problems, how can you find the solution? Take a step to look back at your life and see what triggers stress in your life. Is it because of your job, your family, or combination of both?  Stress may induce production of excess acid in your body, and eventually weakens your immune system. After identifying the causes, make sure to find the solutions. For instance, if your stress occurs due to too heavy workload, talk to your boss for additional member in your team.

ü  Oxygenate your cells. You can do this by practicing correct breathing method. Having all your cells oxygenated keeps them healthy. Proper breathing helps in supplying oxygen to all cells in your body. The oxygen is necessary to fuel your energy and living process. Doing cardio exercises, drinking much water, and consuming high-iron foods are among the ways to oxygenate your cells.

ü  Boost your blood flow. This actually has something to do with oxygenation process. When your blood and cells obtain adequate oxygen, then your body gets proper circulation, which is very crucial in activating self-healing mechanism. You can boost your blood circulation by doing light aerobic exercises, including cycling, walking, and swimming.

ü  Make sure to have the channels of toxic elimination open. They include stop using deodorants, promoting urination process for at least 10 times a day, promoting bowel functions for 2-3 times a day, and toxin elimination.

ü  Consume raw vegan diet. You can include green juices, salad, seeds, nuts, and fruit smoothies into your diet. In addition, make sure to limit the consumption of high-fat foods, salty foods, smoked foods, and processed meats. They contain unhealthy fats and cholesterol that can worsen your health. Raw diets made of fruits or vegetables contain phytochemicals, which are important for your health.

Besides the abovementioned of natural therapy for breast cancer, you can actually try other options like acupuncture, biofeedback, massage therapy, and taking supplement. The point is: if you want to cure your illness in a natural way, you need to live in a way, which is close to the nature, consume natural foods, and do exercises regularly.

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