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The Facts about Bajakah Root as a Breast Cancer Killer

Do you know that cancer now has a cure? This cancer drug turned out to be very simple, namely from a tree called Bajakah root. It is considered capable of curing various types of cancer, including breast cancer. Read these following facts about Becoming a root as a breast cancer killer.

The Form of a Bajakah Root

The root of the tree is known to be in the form of a single tree trunk that is creeping and brown in color. The stem of this Bajakah plant is strong and quite large.

This Bajakah root tree propagates with a height reaching more than 5 meters to the top of other trees. The root of the tree is at the bottom of the peatland water flow

Bajakah Root Comes from Kalimantan and Grows in the Forest

This Bajakah root comes from Central Kalimantan and lives in the middle of the forest. Bajakah root trees can only live in a lush place in the middle of the forest and not much sun.

To find this Bajakah root plant, it is known to have to enter the middle of the forest which is about 2 hours drive from Palangkaraya City.

Bajakah Root Contains Cancer Healing Substances

From the results of the study by the Head of the Bio Chemistry and Molecular Laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine, Lambung Mangkurat University, it says that the roots of Bajakah contain antioxidant compounds that function against cancer cells.

Other ingredients in the roots of other Bajakah are saponins, alkaloid, steroids, terpenoids, flavonoids, tannins, and phenolics. It is known, the amount of antioxidants in the roots of Bajakah is also quite high.

How to Process and Consume Pirate Root for a Cancer Drug

The Bajakah plant is only taken from the roots, then processed to become a concoction of the root of the Bajakah

This is how to process and consume wholesome roots:

Bajakah roots are dried under the sun

Chop the root of the Bajakah after it dries

Then mashed with mashed or blended

Bajakah root powder is then brewed with a dose of 1 gram in a solution of 500 milliliters (ml) of water

Can also be boiled with water for 30 minutes, then drink it every day

Bajakah root cooking water is colored like tea

When drunk, the water is tasteless

Bajakah Root Proven to Cure Stage Four Breast Cancer

Evidence from an ingredient of the root of the Bajakah can cure cancer is the experience of the Dayak people whose mother was convicted of having stage four breast cancer.

But the mother refused surgery. Then choose to drink boiled water from the roots of the Bajakah plant that his father is looking for in the middle of the forest. After routinely taking the Bajakah root concoction, the mother recovered completely from the attack of breast cancer. In just two weeks of reaction, a month healed completely. This proves that the roots of the Bajakah can indeed cure breast cancer.

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