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The Breast Cancer Early Detection by Doing this Procedure

The breast cancer early detection is so essential to do. Actually, there are several procedures that can be done for this detection. Some procedures can be done in the hospital by using several tools or methods. The example is mammography and more.

However, you don’t always need to straightly do that method. It is because usually those methods will be more suggested if several symptoms are felt by the patients. That is why; if you just want to know or check your breast’s health, you can do your own manual detection.

Maybe you don’t know the right ways to do that. Below we will share some right and proper actions to do a manual breast cancer early detection by only using your hands. Check this out.

Detect Your Own Breasts in a Standing Position

You can do it in a standing position. It is so easy to do. Just watch your breast and see whether you can see the changes in the shape and surface of the breast skin or not. You can also seeing whether there are some swelling and / or changes in the nipples. If you feel the shape of the right and left breast is not symmetrical, then don't worry because it's normal. All women actually have asymmetrical breast shapes between the left and right. However, the magnitude is usually not very visible.

2. Lift Both Arms Up

After raising both hands, bend your elbows and position your hands behind your head. Push your elbows forward and look at the breasts. Then, push your elbows back, and look at the shape or size of the breast. By leaning your shoulders forward, the breast will be lifted. After that, push your both elbows forward. The next thing to do is tightening (contract) your chest muscles.

3. Lift the Left Arm Up

When lifting your left arm up, bend your elbows so that your left hand holds the upper part of your back. By using the tips of the fingers of the right hand, touch and press the breast area and also all parts of the left breast to the armpit area. Perform the up-down movements, circular movements, and straight movements from the edge of the breast to the nipple. Vice versa. Repeat the same movement on the right breast.

5. Pinch the Second Nipple

The next manual breast cancer early detection is to pinch both of your nipples. When pinching both nipples, pay attention if any fluid comes out of the nipple. If you find that there is fluid coming out, then try talking to your doctor about this.

 6. Lying Position

You can also check your breast manually by placing a pillow under the right shoulder. Raise your arms up. Pay attention to the right breast, and do three patterns of movement as before. Using the tips of your fingers, press all parts down to the armpit. This position may be more comfortable compared to the standing position earlier.

So, just try this breast cancer early detection movement to ensure your breast’s health.

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