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Symptoms of Breast Cancer That You Have To Watch For

New cases of breast cancer are found every year. The good news is that survival rates from the disease are also improving. Actually, when the disease is diagnoses earlier, the patients can get the right treatment earlier, and the chances for recovery are increased. The key to early detection of breast cancer is knowing symptoms of the disease. When you find symptoms of breast cancer in your body, the best thing you can do is visiting your doctor immediately. 

Detecting Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Your Body

Self-detection of breast cancer makes a huge difference. It may even be a matter of living and dying. For instance, if you can do self-exam of your breasts at home, you can identify abnormalities earlier and get the treatment before the disease progresses to advanced stage. On the other hand, if you cannot exam your own breasts, the cancer may be identified at later stage, in which the treatment is more complicated.

Actually, it is not difficult to exam your own breasts at home. The following steps may help:

ü  Stand before a mirror in a natural posture and look at both of your breasts. Do they have normal size and shape? Do the nipples look like they always do? The size of your breasts may not 100% equal. However, if the condition has existed since your teen age, it is normal. However, if you find any misshapen areas, there may be abnormalities. Then, lift your arms up and do the same steps.

ü  Even though you do not find any abnormalities, do not cheer up too fast. You need to confirm it again. Lie down on a bed. Touch your breasts with one hand, while the other hand tucks one arm behind your head. Make sure to touch areas around the nipples, above and below your breasts, and surrounding areas. Do them in a circular motion.

Still do not find any kinds of abnormalities? You may cheer up a little bit, since your chance of having the disease is less now. However, do not be too excited before you confirm it by watching the symptoms of breast cancer.

Identifying Symptoms of Breast Cancer

As discussed before, symptoms of breast cancer vary widely, as individuals have unique conditions. If you find the following symptoms in your body, make sure to meet your doctor immediately. The following are symptoms to watch for:

ü  Changes in the shape of your breast. Does it look misshapen or swollen?

ü  Changes in the skin. A number of diseases are manifested on skin. The same case applies for breast cancer. Watch to see the changes like skin rash, scaly skin, or dimpled surface.

ü  Lumps. This is the most common symptoms of breast cancer. The lumps are usually painless and hard. 

ü  Changes in your nipple, such as inverted or discharging nipple

As widely known, the keys to successful treatment of breast cancer is early detection. If you want to increase survival rate of the disease, make sure to conducted regular checks to find out symptoms of breast cancer.

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