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History of Breast Cancer Ribbons as Symbol of Awareness

The breast cancer ribbons movement has become a striking symbol. Besides, this symbol is easy to remember. There is even a foundation that inserts ribbons in its logo. This has confirmed that breast cancer has its mark.

This symbol that is known to many people is already phenomenal. But do you know how the history of ribbons becomes a symbol? Usually, things like this are rarely known by most people. They only know the day of his remembrance with that symbol.

The history of ribbons which were made as symbols of breast cancer in the 19th century. In this century, it was not immediately used ribbons that are now widely known. In the past, it was also not initially associated with cancer sufferers around the world.

Pink ribbons isn’t popular at that time. At that time what was more popular was the yellow ribbon used to commemorate the military. But here the military is indeed special. Special people in the military for someone wearing a yellow ribbon.

Breast Cancer Ribbons Which is Popular by Artists

These breast cancer ribbons also did not initially appear pink. Like tony Orlando use their song for this movement. They say for use yellow ribbon to the tree. The song became a movement as a reminder for the military.

Americans call this yellow ribbon movement a tribute to the hostages. So at that time, there was indeed an American hostage by Iran. Then after that, a tribute was made to each of his loved ones with this yellow ribbon.

After that time then enter at the time of each family member who died was marked by this yellow ribbon. Not just family, but friends or close relatives like that. So this yellow ribbon is respect for people who have died.

Since then the ribbons began to become a symbol of certain movements, especially health. As in the 90s, there was aids day which was commemorated to remind each other the importance of maintaining health from aids through wearing pink ribbons.

Movement Triggered by Breast Cancer Patients Who Survived

When it entered in 1992 it began there was started to make this breast cancer movement. The person who first voiced this was Evelyn lauder. Evelyn lauder is a woman who survived breast cancer. His movement began with 1.5 million pink ribbons.

This pink ribbon movement is aimed for general and especially women. So they will be given their inspection card. After that, the pink ribbon movement also raised funds and wrote a petition on the white house so that the cost of research for breast cancer.

This pink ribbon also symbolizes women's health and empowerment. Every year now there must be a memorial day so that we become increasingly aware that each woman has the same risk for this disease. Everything starts with breast cancer ribbons.

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