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Breast Cancer Treatment That Usually Recommended by Doctors

There are several ways to do breast cancer treatment. The choice will be determined by considering many things, such as the type of breast cancer suffered, the stage of cancer development, its spread, medical history, to the results of a series of screening tests. 

To know which one is the best treatment for your disease, go see the doctor. After several examinations and considerations, the doctor will give you the right recommendation treatment such as operation, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and others.

Before recommending the right type of treatment for breast cancer, doctors have some considerations. They are the type of breast cancer, the size of the lump, and how far cancer has spread, HER2 protein, estrogen, and progesterone status, age, whether menopause or not, and others.

Some Ways to Treat Breast Cancer that Can be Recommended by Doctors

Ordinary surgery is the main method of breast cancer treatment. In treating breast cancer, surgery is done by removing the lumps in the breast tissue and the surrounding area to help relieve the symptoms of advanced cancer.

Surgery as a way to treat breast cancer consists of two types, they are breast conservation surgery and mastectomy. Breast conservations surgery (BCS) has many other names, they are quadranectomy, lumpectomy, partial or segmental mastectomy.

Treatment of breast cancer this one is done by removing the affected breast and a small portion of surrounding healthy tissue. Lumpectomy is usually recommended for the removal of small tumors. Through this treatment, breast cancer can be removed without taking too much of the surrounding tissue.

How much breast tissue is removed will usually also depend on the size, location of the tumor, and also other factors. The main advantage of this treatment is that breast tissue does not disappear completely.

Mastectomy is also one way to have breast cancer treatment that is often recommended. This procedure consists of 2 ways, namely simple and radical. Simple (partial) mastectomy is a way to treat breast cancer by removing all breast tissue including skin, fat tissue, lobules, and vessels.

Meanwhile, how to treat breast cancer with radical or total mastectomy is a procedure performed by lifting the chest wall muscles and around the lymph nodes in the armpits. Which method you should use is according to the conditions of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Treatment Also Can be Done with Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is carried out using high-powered X-rays which are targeted at killing cancer cells. Treating breast cancer using radiation therapy (radiotherapy) can be given in two forms, they are internal and external methods. 

The external beam radiation using an X-ray machine and the internal seed radiation is planted next to the location of the tumor using a needle or catheter. Radiation is often used as a way to treat by destroying breast cancer cells that escape or are not lifted during surgery. 

So, in addition to treating cancer that is being suffered, this method can also reduce the risk of disease recurrence in the future. How to treat breast cancer with radiation therapy will be regularly given to women who are still at high risk after undergoing a mastectomy.

Side effects may arise from having any treatment, including breast swelling and fatigue. The skin in the exposed area is also prone to sunburn (redness, peeling, and darkening). Therefore, doctors usually ask you to avoid sun exposure during breast cancer treatment.

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