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The Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Process

The breast cancer chemotherapy is maybe the most popular way to cure this kind of illness. This procedure can be done by using drugs. The aim is to target and destroy the breast cancer cells. These medicines are usually given directly into a vein through a needle or as a pill.

Chemotherapy is the most commonly performed medical treatment by doctors. This action can increase the chances of recovery, reduce cancer, and reduce the symptoms of cancer that arise. In addition to chemotherapy, other treatments can also be done.

Other treatments that can be done to treat breast cancer are surgery, radiation, or hormone therapy. If breast cancer has spread, the breast cancer chemotherapy can control its spread. These actions can make the sufferer have a longer life expectancy. In addition, chemotherapy can relieve symptoms arising from the cancer.

The Process of Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

Not all women who have breast cancer are required to undergo chemotherapy. Even so, there are several conditions that should be treated with this procedure, such as:

1. after Surgery (Adjuvant Chemotherapy)

Chemotherapy in this condition is used to kill cancer cells that are still spreading. It is done to overcome the illness, so that cancer does not recur again. If it is not done properly, new tumors may arise in other parts of the body.

2. before Surgery (Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy)

This method can be used to shrink an existing tumor. This breast cancer chemotherapy is also effective. The tumor can be removed with a simple operation. This type of chemotherapy is generally used when the cancer is too large to be removed.

This method can also be done to see the response of the cancer. If these efforts do not succeed in shrinking the tumor, other treatments will also be carried out. Just like the previous method, this method is also intended to stop the spread of tumors to other body parts.

Advanced treatment may be Needed by the Patients
More intense treatment can be done if the tumor has spread outside the breast. It can be seen when the diagnosis is done or from an initial treatment. The duration of treatment depends on how severe the tumor occurs.
The breast cancer chemotherapy is generally given intravenously. This method can be done by injection or infusion. Generally, the larger doses are needed to do chemotherapy. However, the doctor will do it based on certain considerations and diagnoses. 
The doctor will impose a treatment cycle to deal with breast cancer that occurs. This period can be used to rest; and recover from the effects of the drug. In addition, the duration of treatment depends on how effective the treatment, and the side effects that arise.
You must know that chemotherapy can has some side effects. The impact of side effects that occur can be mild and temporary. In addition, it can be more serious or severe. The doctor will consider the benefits, and risks that can occur from chemotherapy. That is why; it is better to obey all the doctor’s suggestions about this breast cancer chemotherapy.

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