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Several Methods to Conduct Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Although you diagnose your own breast as an initial effort, it is still important to diagnose it with a medical instrument or taking a test at the hospital. Conducting a breast cancer test in a hospital is useful to know the condition and stage of cancer inside the body or breast. There are several types of breast cancer diagnosis in the hospital.

1. Examining breast cancer clinically

Before the doctor start diagnose the cancer medical devices, the patients will be checked manually by hands or check the area directly.

It is commonly called as clinical breast examination where doctor will start to diagnose by checking the size, shape, texture, and color of the breast area. It aims to get a sign of breast cancer before going to the next phase. In this process, the doctor will try to massage the breast slowly and carefully to look for strange thing around the breast.

2. Mammography

Mammography is a breast cancer diagnosis method that is conducted by a doctor for patients who have breast cancer symptoms. Mammography method is able to diagnose the breast cancer lump presence even when it is still a little where the patients still do not feel pain yet.

This method is done by getting some tissue on the breast using X rays and other special devices in the hospital. Usually, the device has a shape like a disc which will be used to squeeze the breast for diagnosis cancer.

Doctors will try to use this method on various angles. Thus, the entire breast tissue will be shown on the display. The strange part around the breast area will show up because it has a typical color that is different from the common tissue.  Then, after finding some differences, your doctor will do the next test because the mammography test is not enough to detect breast cancer wholly.

3. Ultrasonography

You may be familiar with this device that is commonly used in many medical treatments. Basically, this device looks like a pregnancy ultrasonography tool where the breast ultrasound is a tool that will display the part of the breast using sound image and then it shows up on the display.

As usual, it needs a gel that is applied to the breast area so that the device can see the inner part of the breast. After that, there is a tool that will read the area in which the doctor will put on the breast while seeing the screen.

4. MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is also another breast cancer diagnosis test by using radio waves and magnet. The MRI is the best diagnosis for breast cancer because it can show the part of the breast tissue clearly on the screen. Usually, this method is done for women who have high risk of breast cancer such as women with breast cancer history or those who have gene abnormality that may lead to breast cancer.

This screening method is also usually done along with the mammography method. Besides, the MRI method is also done for patients that have been diagnosed with this kind of disease.

5. Biopsy

This is another test procedure that is done by taking tissue samples from then patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor will check it in laboratory for further examination to see the cancer cells characteristics.  Meanwhile, there are a few requirements why this type of breast cancer diagnosis is taken such as:

Breast changes

More than one cancer cell appears

The size of the lump

The area of suspicious cells around the breast

Personal desires

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