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Recognize Breast Cancer Early, Avoid the High Risk!

Recognize breast cancer early are so important to avoid the risk. Breast cancer is a condition when cancer cells form in breast tissue. This cancer can attack the milk glands (lobules) or the ducts that carry milk from the glands to the nipples. 

Cancer can also form in fatty tissue or connective tissue in the breast. Breast cancer is formed when cells in the breast grow abnormally and are out of control. These cells generally form tumors that feel like lumps. Not only women, this cancer can also affect men.

How to Prevent Breast Cancer and Avoid the Risk

An effective way to prevent breast cancer is to avoid all the risk factors that cause it. Besides, being aware of the symptoms of breast cancer with early detection is also an important step to prevent breast cancer.

Check your own breasts. The easiest step to find out the symptoms of breast cancer is by breast self-examination (BSE) or recognize breast cancer by yourself. The goal is to check for lumps in the breast. You can carry out these checks at home regularly. 

Routine checks will help you to recognize the texture of normal breast tissue. Therefore, if one day you feel there is something unusual in the breast, you can immediately see a doctor. In this way, you will be able to easily detect symptoms of breast cancer.

A few days after the menstrual cycle over is the best time for you to check your breast. Because hormonal changes can affect the shape of your breasts, the best check is when your breasts are in normal status.

Beside self-examining, you can do that at the clinical breast. Clinical breast examinations can be done at the hospital, with the help of doctors and other medical teams. This examination is not only for people who have the symptoms, but can also for healthy people.

This is usually called screening, which can be undertaken by anyone, including healthy women who do not have any symptoms or complaints. Perform regular breast examinations by doing breast self-examination and Clinical Breast Examination as well as consulting with an oncologist at the hospital. 

Routine Check can be done with Mammography to Recognize Breast Cancer 

You can also do routine mammography checks to detect the presence or absence of cancer cells in the breast. This examination is important to know the symptoms of early breast cancer. Unlike the two previous examinations, mammography is more classified as supporting the detection.

Mammography itself is a technique of scanning images using low-dose x-ray rays to detect and diagnose cancer in the breast. This procedure is generally required age more than 40 years. If your family has a history of breast cancer, you may be recommended doing this examination earlier.

When doing mammography, your breasts will be affixed to the x-ray scanner screen. A compressor will then press your breast down to flatten the tissue to show a clearer picture of your breast. You may feel a little pain or discomfort for the first time.

During the procedure, the doctor will check the results of the image displayed on the scanner screen and ask the radiological technician to take some additional pictures if the results already appear to be unclear or require further examination. 

All you have to do is do the routine check whatever methods you do. And if you recognize some symptoms, do not be panic. Go get yourself to the doctor for further examination. Recognize breast cancer early before everything is too late. 

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