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Consuming Walnuts to Lower the Risk of Getting Breast Cancer

As people getting desperate for frightening diseases, they will try everything to cure it. Including breast cancer that is being worried as well. One of these 'everything' is the walnuts. According to recent research, it has been found that adding walnut in our regular diet can make the risk of breast cancer getting lower. It even elaborates that walnuts can help the breast cancer patient to combat the disease once she/he getting diagnosed. For women, it is one in every eight women may have a chance to deal with breast cancer throughout her lifetime.

Uncontrollable risk factors of breast cancer

There are some risk factors for breast cancer that cannot be controlled. They are including age, being a female (or male), having the family history record of the disease, a genetic defect, the menstrual history, or the radiation treatment at a much younger age.

Controllable risk factors of breast cancer

Breast cancer can happen to certain someone because of risk factors that actually can be controlled. The things that we can do something about it, or to prevent breast cancer to happen. The usual risk factor is alcohol. We should have been more careful in consuming alcohol to not get caught in the breast cancer diagnosis. It is not like we can't drink alcohol, but we can at least try to be more moderate in drinking. It is better to have only one to two alcoholic drinks a day no matter how hard the day is and you just want to pour all problems on the drink. Please, control yourself.

The studies of walnuts to mice

Walnuts have been tested to mice and showing results of the mice getting longer lifespan. They have paid attention to the mother's diet when she was pregnant and to her offspring later. The team gave some of the walnuts in their daily diet. While the other mice were not having walnuts. The result shows that the mice who consumed the walnuts have a lower risk of breast cancer compared to those that had no walnuts in their diet. Because of this study, the walnuts are recommended to be consumed by the breast cancer patient or by healthy people to lower the risk of breast cancer and also tumor.

The benefit within walnuts

Walnuts containing omega-3 fatty acids that make it helpful. It is recommended by the experts to eat walnuts in a maximum of 2 ounces that around eight to ten halves per day as part of our diet since their calories are also high. Inside walnuts are vitamin E that is very beneficial in terms of breast cancer. Walnuts can also be a source of phytonutrient that is not pretty commonly found in other foods. They are easy to found in the local market and can be made as anything by adding them to salad, veggie dishes, stuffing recipes, yogurts, pie, cookies, and many more desserts we all love to have and consume.


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