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Breast Cancer Symptom and Early Sign in Women

Breast cancer symptom is one of the most feared symptom diseases to women throughout the world. The trend of breast cancer in the number of cases often increases from year to year. Worse yet, quite a lot of women not aware of the symptoms. 

Less aware of these symptoms from the start it can cause you late to see the doctor when the stadium is severe. So, it is important to know the symptom of breast cancer that generally will appear at the beginning.

Breast cancer is a disease that attacks the breast tissue and surrounding areas. Most women only know that breast cancer is characterized by a lump near the armpit. Many other symptoms mark the emergence of breast cancer.

Recognize Various Symptoms of Breast Cancer and Early Sign

When cancer cells grow in the breast area, their appearance is usually marked by various symptoms such as breast lumps, breast skin changing, colored discharges from nipples, and others. This symptom and sign should be check routine before it is too late.

Lumps in the breast are the earliest breast cancer symptom that is most easily recognized. The breast tissue itself extends broadly under the arm. So, in addition to the breast area, a lump may also appear around the upper chest or armpits. 

Cancer cells can spread through lymph nodes near the breast under the arm to other organs that are far from the breast. Lumps are sometimes not directly visible to the naked eye but will be felt when touched. Cancerous lumps are neither painful nor painful.

Changes in breast skin texture are also often an early symptom of cancer. Cancer cells can attack healthy breast skin cells and cause inflammation so that the original texture changes. Unfortunately, this one symptom is often misunderstood as an ordinary skin infection. 

The next symptom is colored discharge comes from the nipple. The discharge can also show breast cancer early signs. Usually, the nipples appear like eczema wounds that never heal. When the nipples secrete an unusual, thin or thick fluid, you need to start alert. 

The liquid that comes out is not clear, yellow, or green, but reddish-brown like blood. This fluid does not always indicate cancer, but it still important to check it when you have it. It could be a sign of other health problems such as breast infections.

Other Breast Cancer Symptom and Sign that You Should be Aware of

Cancer cells can move and spread to lymph nodes. Lymph nodes (KGB) are a collection of immune system tissues that work against foreign microorganisms, including cancer cells. If the cancer cells get into the lymph nodes, these glands will experience swelling.

In addition to the armpits, lymph nodes near the collarbone also usually swell. Lymph nodes generally tend to be small and dense, but feel soft to the touch. This lump will also grow large and stick with the tissue around the armpits.

Generally, both women's breasts do not have the same size and shape. However, you must be aware that if the big breast is one side, it could be a breast cancer symptom. Cancer cells can make the whole or part of the breast area swell. 

This makes one side of the affected breast will be larger. Normally the size of the two sides of the breast is big, but if it is caused by cancer the difference will be obvious. The breast with a lump will be degenerate from the other side. 

If you are experiencing one of these symptoms and signs of breast cancer for no apparent reason, do not hesitate to see the doctor. Recognize the disease early before it is too late. Thus, the doctor will recommend the right treatment based on the breast cancer symptom.

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