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Breast Cancer Risk Factor to Watch Out For

Breast cancer is the most feared disease by women, so you have to watch out for the breast cancer risk factor. This disease is feared because it is difficult to cure and can cause death. Data about breast cancer in Indonesia is quite surprising. 

The number of sufferers of this disease, both those undergoing inpatient and outpatient care, is the highest in Indonesia at 28.7%. In general, breast cancer only grows in one part of the breast. But there are also cases where cancer cells develop on both sides.

The Most Common Risk Factor that Causes Breast Cancer

The causes of this cancer are quite diverse. The most common breast cancer risk factor is having a history of breast cancer. Someone who has previously been detected by breast cancer has a greater risk of returning to the same disease. 

This disease is not a disease that is impossible to cure 100%. But the possibility of returning remains high. Heredity Factor The next cause of breast cancer to watch out for is heredity. Someone whose someone in his direct lineage has cancer is having high risk. 

People who are descendants of cancer sufferers do not automatically become cancer sufferers. But cancer cells in the body are more easily active when compared to others. Therefore, preventive measures must also be done with more extras. 

Age Cancer can strike people of all ages, from children to the elderly. But it is undeniable that the older the age, the more susceptible a person is to developing breast cancer. The risk of developing breast cancer will increase when a woman is over 50 years old. 

Having a lump in the breast and not immediately take medical action Sometimes a person ignores benign lumps in the breast area or other parts of the body just because the lumps don't hurt and don't get bigger. It can increase the risk of cancer, including breast cancer.

Other Breast Cancer Risk Factor that You Can Avoid

The first is the radiation rays. Every day the body is always exposed to radiation exposure, both in small and large quantities. Radiation exposure can come from electronic devices such as cell phones, TVs, medical equipment, and others. 

Not only that, but radiation exposure can also come from sunlight. If radiation exposure is always on the body in large numbers, the risk of cancer will increase. It is difficult to predict which organs are disturbed. 

The second one is overweight. Being overweight or obese is clearly not very good for health. Many diseases can arise due to this one factor, including breast cancer. The risk can be reduced by starting to try to return the ideal body weight.

The next breast cancer risk factor is an unhealthy lifestyle. Breast cancer can also attack someone because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Examples of unhealthy lifestyles are careless eating, smoking, consuming alcohol, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. Lack of rest can also be a trigger.

For women, the age of pregnancy and first birth can be risky. Pregnancies that are at risk of causing cancer are those that occur when the mother is too young. Pregnancy at the age of under 16 will disrupt hormone balance and trigger the emergence of breast cancer.

Giving birth at an old age is as dangerous as being pregnant at a young age. It will be very dangerous for a woman when giving birth over the age of 35 years. Because at that age the immune system has begun to decline and hormone conditions have changed.

There are still many factors that can cause breast cancer. It may be a poor diet, wrong exercise methods, and others. So, you should be aware of what you do and what you consume. Anything can be a breast cancer risk factor and harmful to your health.

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