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Breast Cancer Healing: Can Breast Cancer Be Cured?

Cancer is a dangerous disease that can attack anyone, especially the elderly. It is characterized by uncontrolled cell growth. These abnormal cell growths begin with multiple parts of the body, spreading to various body tissues, causing health problems. Cancer sometimes does not appear once. In some cases, cancer patients whose disease is under control can develop cancer again.

Several types of cancers whose diseases often attack again include ovarian cancer, blood cancer, and lymph node cancer. There are also cancers that have been successfully controlled but often grow back in other parts like breast or prostate cancers and spread to other parts of the body (metastasize) into chronic cancer.

Breast cancer can be controlled

Although it may seem dangerous at first glance, breast cancer can be controlled through various treatments. In other words, breast cancer may not reappear or not spread. However, there are also some cases that cancer is still there even when it has been treated. Until now there has been no special drug, therapy, or breast cancer healing methods that can guarantee that cancer can recover completely and does not recur. Nevertheless, early detection and appropriate treatment can control cancer.

When will the treatment be successful?

In the medical world, there is no such thing as cancer that can be cured. Instead, cancer can be controlled. Cancer is said to be controlled when the treatment a patient undergoes is seen as successful. This condition occurs when all signs or symptoms of cancer are no longer detected in the body of the cancer sufferer.

Doctors call this condition remission, not recovery because, after remission, cancer can come again years later. Many factors affect the success rate of cancer treatment. Including the type. Cancers with relatively high survival rates include melanoma, Hodgkin's lymphoma, breast, prostate, testicular, cervical, and thyroid. Beyond the above types of cancer, sufferers can control cancer with medication and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Breast Cancer treatment

To control cancer, the treatment that doctors generally recommend is chemotherapy. Referring to the official page of the Ministry of Health, chemotherapy is a treatment that is mostly given through blood vessels, such as infusion. Patients can do chemotherapy while lying down, reading, listening to music, or watching television.

Drugs given for chemotherapy have gone through a series of tests to ensure safety for patients. No need to worry about the effects of chemotherapy. The doctor can provide a way or medication to minimize the effects of the treatment process. In addition to chemotherapy, breast cancer treatment, and other kinds of cancer can also be done with surgery, radiation, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy, or combined.

Finally, those are some breast cancer healing methods and the opportunity to get recovered from the disease. Well, breast cancer is one of the cancer types that has a big chance to totally recover. It means that women who suffer from breast cancer still have a chance to live without cancer disease anymore. It is not like other dangerous cancers that are not be cured. So, you should be optimistic and let your doctor handle it.  

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