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Breast Cancer Cure: 5 Facts about the Family Who First Prove the Efficacy of Bajakah Wood to Cure Breast Cancer

Bajakah is now being discussed and hunted by many people because it can be an effective breast cancer cure. The name is known by many people after high school students in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, won the Gold Award for Cancer Medicine from Nature at the World Invention Olympic (Wico) in Seoul, South Korea.

Before Bajakah became so popular these days, it was already known for generations in Yazid's family, who was one of the high school students in Palangkaraya. The Bajakah wood has cured Yazid's grandmother who 40 years ago was sentenced by a doctor suffering from stage four breast cancer.

However, it is not easy for Yazid to introduce wood to the public, he was refused by his parents for fear of exploitation and damaging the forest. Yazid also convinced his parents to help many people who suffer from cancer with wood that has been used by his family since going down. Finally, Yazid's parents, Daldin, also gave permission for their children to open it to the public. Here are the facts of the family that prove the efficacy of wood that can cure cancer:

1. Sentenced to stage four cancer

Daldin, Yazid's father who was then living in Kuala Kurun, Gunung Mas, Central Kalimantan, said that the condition of Yazid's grandmother when suffering from breast cancer was very worrying as if there was no hope for the family. The reason is, his grandmother's cancer was so severe that pus came out. "About 40 years ago, I don't remember exactly when my mother had breast cancer and the condition lasted for 10 years and was even sentenced to stage four cancer," Daldin said. Although the doctor sentenced that cancer suffered by Daldin's mother was in stage four, the mother did not want to undergo surgery, the reason was afraid and there was no cost. The family finally decided to return to Kuala Kurun, Gunung Mas, Central Kalimantan.

2. Looking for traditional herbs in the forest

The pain suffered by Daldin's mother made Daldin's father have to find other solutions with non-medical treatment. Finally, Daldin's father tried to find a traditional concoction in the middle of the wilderness and found the Bajakah wood plant. The Bajakah wood was brought home and boiled and then given to Daldin's mother, as a substitute for the water she always consumed.

3. Consumption of boiled wood stew

After consuming the Bajakah wood that his father got from the forest, slowly but surely, the condition of the breast affected by cancer seemed to have dried up. For almost a month of consuming wood, the family returned to check the illness suffered by Yazid's grandmother to a doctor in Palangkaraya.

The results are quite amazing. Breast cancer suffered by Daldin's mother has been declared missing and cured. "All of that happened beyond our expectations. After consuming Bajakah wood, my mother's breast cancer had disappeared and was declared cured, "he said.

4. A plant that grows in the forest

This plant can only be found inside the forest, one of which is in the forest which is about 2 hours drive from Palangkaraya City. The tree grows by propagating despite having a strong and quite large trunk. The propagation of this tree can reach a height of more than 5 meters to the top of other trees. Its roots also hit the bottom of the peatland water flow. This tree can only live in lush locations where not much sunlight enters, covered by lush forests. At first glance, the tree is like an ordinary tree, difficult to distinguish from other plants.

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