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What Causes Breast Cancer: What You Can and Can’t Change

The risk of breast cancer increases when the breast cells grow uncontrollably. Women, in particular, are of higher risk for developing breast cancer. In fact, this type of cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in women. It may attack the breast ducts or lobules. However, the breast cancer is actually preventable or, at least, women can take the necessary steps to minimize the risk. Therefore, they need to know what causes breast cancer in order to be able to take preventive measures.

What Causes Breast Cancer: Here Are the Risk Factors

Actually, what causes breast cancer is still to be answered. However, a number of risk factors associated with the breast cancer have been identified. Some of them are irreversible while others can be reversed by having a healthy lifestyle. The following are some of them.

Irreversible Risk Factors

These are risk factors, which cannot be reversed even though you change your lifestyle. They occur naturally in your body. Irreversible risk factors of breast cancer include:

ü  Age; The risk of developing breast cancer increases with your age. The older you are, the more your risk for developing the disease. Of course, this risk factor is irreversible.

ü  Excess breast tissue. Limited evidence shows that the dense breast tissue is associated with the higher risk of breast cancer. The denser the breast tissue, the faster the breast cells grow.

ü  Early Menstruation. Many women had their period early, namely before the age of 12 years. These women have elevated risk for developing breast cancer compared to those who got their period at older age.

ü  Family history of breast cancer. Studies show that genetic factors also play a role in the risk factor. If one of your family members, particularly parents, have the disease, your risk is also increased.

Reversible Risk Factors

This risk factors are modifiable if you have a proper lifestyle. If you know what causes breast cancer, you can prevent them by reversing the following risk factors:

ü  Alcohol intake. This is a matter of lifestyle. As discussed in a previous post, having a healthy lifestyle is one of the ways to minimize the risk factors of breast cancer. It includes limiting, if not quitting, alcohol consumption. The more you take the alcohol, the greater the risk.

ü  Late childbirth. Women who have childbirth at the age of 40 or older are associated with the increased risk of breast cancer. This risk factor can be prevented by having a proper planning for childbirth.

In addition, women who have never been pregnant also have increased risk for having breast cancer. Never being pregnant can be a reversible or irreversible factor. Some women actually choose not to have a baby in their life due to certain reasons, while others cannot have the baby.

Now that you know what causes breast cancer, you can minimize the risks by reversing lifestyle-related factors. If you find the signs of the disease, make sure to get the diagnosis early. The earlier the disease is detected, the easier it is to curtail the growth of cancerous cells by means of medical treatments.

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