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The Specific Stadium 3 Breast Cancer Category to Know

The breast cancer category in the third stadium is so varied. In general, doctors divide stage 3 breast cancer into three specific categories. Previously, you have to know in advance what stage 3 breast cancer is like.

Stage 3 breast cancer is a cancer cell condition that has spread beyond the breast. Even so, its spread is still limited to the nearest network. It is usually at the nearest location of breast tissue, including lymph nodes or muscles around the breast. At this stage the cancer cells also have not spread to other organs such as the heart or liver.

At this stage, cancer is considered to have entered an advanced stage. It is usually because the development of cancer is more aggressive and there is a possibility of reappear after treatment. Below is the further information of breast cancer category that we will share to you.

The Stage 3A Category

There are three possibilities that you might experience in the stage of breast cancer stage 3A, namely:

• There may be (or no) tumor in the breast. The size can be so small to large. Cancer cells are found in 4-9 surrounding lymph nodes at this period.

• Tumors are larger than 5 cm, and there are small groups of cancer cells found in nearby lymph nodes.

• Tumors are larger than 5 cm. Those are found in up to 3 nearby lymph nodes under the arm or near the sternum

The Stage 3B breast cancer category

This stage means the tumor has spread to the skin of the breast or chest wall. The chest wall is a structure that surrounds and protects the lungs, such as ribs, muscles, skin, or connective tissue. It can be said that this breast cancer category is quite severe. You must get the right treatment for it. The cancer cells also have damaged the skin and cause swelling. At this stage, cancer cells may have spread to all 9 lymph nodes in the armpit or near the breastbone.

The Stadium 3C Category

In stage 3C breast cancer, the breast usually has a tumor of any size. In fact, there could be no tumor at all. In addition, cancer cells have also invaded the chest wall or breast skin, causing inflammation. Wounds can also appear.

At this stage, you also usually experience one of the following conditions:

·         Cancer cells are found in 10 or more armpit lymph nodes

·         Cancer is found in lymph nodes that reach the collarbone

·         The cancer cell can be also located in the lymph nodes under your arm. It is also near the breastbone

Whatever the stage, the best source of information is your own doctor. Clearly understanding the stages of breast cancer that you are experiencing can help you to understand the treatment recommended by a doctor. You have the right to ask about the treatments are. It will make you are able to do all treatments perfectly. We hope that the information about this stadium 3 breast cancer category.

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