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The Physical and Psychological Changes when Taking the Breast Cancer Treatment

After getting breast cancer treatment, maybe your life will not be the same again. It is a normal thing since diagnosed with breast cancer illness is not easy for all people. However, you may stop worrying about it. It is better to accept yourself and find a lot of information about your treatment. One of the data is the changes that you may get after several treatments for breast cancer. It can be physical or psychological treatments.

Usually, several changes will follow the treatment. What are those? Below is the explanation.

1. Mixed feelings

You will experience several stages of emotional change after being diagnosed with breast cancer. You may feel shocked, sad, angry, disappointed, even broken. You might be afraid of the future because you don't know what will happen with your life. Having mixed feelings and reactions is very reasonable.

It would help if you had time to understand and accept this reality. However, do not be too long immersed in your sadness. Get up and keep thinking positive. If you are an optimistic person, you can go through any changes during the breast cancer treatment process.

You can ask for help from people around you, especially parents, spouses, closest relatives, and friends. Support from the people closest to you will provide a lot of positive stimuli during breast cancer treatment. If the mixed feeling is too severe, it is a great idea to consult a psychologist to talk about everything. It will make your sense is better than before.

2. Physical changes

Several cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause some temporarily material changes that can fade over time. Those common side effects of breast cancer medication procedures are as follows:

• Feeling nauseous

• Fatigue

• The sensation in the mouth and having sprue

• Swelling in the area exposed to radiation

• Changes in skin color and nails where it becomes darker

• Hair loss problem

• Loss of appetite, which ultimately leads to drastic weight loss

• Changes in interpreting taste and smell

• Menstrual cycle disorders

• Having sleep disorders

3. Changes in breast shape

Breast is like a treasure for a woman. We can say that this part is so essential. It is also a woman's identity. However, breast surgery will cause some changes in your appearance. Not only for the scars which are left, but have this breast cancer treatment wills also make you lost one or even both of your breasts. It will ultimately affect the changes in the shape of your breasts.

For some patients, lumpectomy surgery causes an increased fear of recurrence and a higher risk of depression. It is because the patient feels insecure about the shape of the breast after surgery. But, you might consider taking steps to do breast reconstruction and breast prosthesis to help deal with changes in the way of your breasts during the medication treatment. Consult your doctor about this method so that you could get the right breast cancer treatment.

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