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The Early-Stage Breast Cancer Characteristics which can be Healed

Knowing the early-stage breast cancer characteristics is essential. It will make your chances of recovery are more significant. For your information, the cancer cell can be divided into several stages. The earliest stage is usually called the stadium zero of the in-situ stadium. In this stadium, you can feel some symptoms or characteristics that show the appearance of breast cancer. Below is further information about it.

The earlier signs and characteristics of early-stage breast cancer are recognized, the easier the cancer cells are removed from the body. That is why, it is recommended to detect the cancer earlier. Zero-stage cancer cells usually do not show any signs or symptoms. It is what then makes people unaware of cancer.

However, you can already recognize the stage one breast cancer characteristics. The most common feature of breast cancer is the appearance of a lump in the breast. For the initial examination, you can check by yourself using your hands. The trick is to raise one side. An example is a left hand.

Using your right hand, touch your left breast; Vice versa, you can also do the same procedure to check the right breast. If you find a lump, you can be a little suspicious that it is a feature of breast cancer. Then, try to feel whether there is a pain when you press on the lump or not.

Unfortunately, not only is cancer the only abnormality in the breast that can be detected by the presence or absence of a lump. It is because a piece in the chest can be triggered by hormonal changes in adolescents to damage the fat tissue. Then, what are the lumps breast cancer characteristics that actually?

Generally, the characteristics of breast cancer lumps have a soft to hard texture, with unclear boundaries. The surface of the piece in breast cancer is also usually uneven. The bump will not hurt when pressed. Besides, the appearance of lumps, signs, and characteristics of early-stage breast cancer that you can recognize is as follows:

• Changes in size, shape, or appearance of the breasts.

• Changes the way of your nipples.

• The nipple secretes reddish-brown or bloody liquid.

• Abnormal large breast size, which is due to a lump on the breast.

• At an advanced stage begin to appear abnormalities in the skin of the breast (like orange peel or skin becomes red), sometimes the skin also becomes curved like a dimple because a lump attracts it.

• Swelling around the armpits caused by the enlargement of lymph nodes in the area. It shows the characteristics that your breast cancer has spread to the surrounding area near the breast.

If you feel any symptoms and characteristics of early-stage breast cancer, as mentioned above, you should immediately consult a doctor. It must be done so that you get the right treatment according to your conditions. By responding to the early-stage breast cancer characteristics, your chances of recovering from this disease are also higher.

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