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The Breast Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment Process and Preparation

The breast cancer radiotherapy is another treatment besides chemotherapy and operation. This treatment is usually recommended as an effective way to cure cancer. It is also the less-painful treatment that is suitable for any level or stage of breast cancer. That is why, if you are too afraid of an operation procedure, maybe it is the right treatment for you to try. However, make sure that you know enough information about the radiotherapy process and preparation. It is essential to make this treatment is effective.

What is radiotherapy treatment?

Radiotherapy is a treatment using high-energy X-rays such as protons or other particles to kill cancer cells, including breast cancer. Radiation is a targeted therapy that is often used as a complementary treatment for breast cancer therapy. This therapy can be used in conjunction with breast cancer surgery and chemotherapy.

X-rays fired are painless and invisible. Radiation is targeted directly at the location of the tumor, lymph nodes, or chest walls. Through radiotherapy, the spread of breast cancer can be stopped and the risk of recurrence can be reduced.

Radiotherapy is recommended to cure cancer at almost every stage. Radiation is also useful in reducing the risk of recurrence of breast cancer after surgery. Besides, breast cancer radiotherapy is usually used to relieve symptoms of a disease that has spread to other parts of the body.

Process before and during the Radiotherapy Procedure

Radiation therapy usually starts 3-8 weeks after surgery, except after that there are plans for chemotherapy. If going to chemotherapy, radiotherapy usually starts 3-4 weeks after the chemo is finished.

Before the procedure, a radiographer will help you to lie on a particular board.       In this process, you need to lift your hand at the same time. It will make the radiation process can be done effectively, especially in the targeted area. During the breast cancer radiotherapy treatment, you will be asked to lie down without making any movements. Afterward, the officer will take an X-ray image or scan to make sure you are in the right position.

Later, the engine will make a buzzing sound as a sign of a procedure in progress. Take it easy; this procedure does not cause pain during treatment. The radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer cases usually only lasts for a few minutes.

In the radiotherapy process, the officer will be in another room and monitor you through CCTV cameras. The clerk will give you some instructions via the intercom so you can still talk to him. Let the radiographer know if you feel an uncomfortable sensation during the procedure.

After completing the radiotherapy, your doctor will schedule a follow-up visit to monitor your condition's progress. The doctor will also look for side effects that may arise due to radiation and check for signs of breast cancer recurrence.

If other symptoms appear in your body, you can also immediately see a doctor for further examination. Check yourself regularly so your doctor can continue to monitor your health condition after breast cancer radiotherapy.

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