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The Breast Cancer Myths which You Shouldn’t Trust

You may realize that there are so many breast cancer myths which you heard. We never know what the sources of those rumors are. However, some stories seem so scary where they can affect some people's lives. Besides, several myths are seemed not so reasonable. These things create confusion within the people, especially those who are concerning about their health.

That is why; today, we will share further information about myths and rumors about a breast cancer illness. Here is the detail of those myths.

1. Using a bra increases the risk of breast cancer

It is wrong. Many women are restless because there is a lot of information circulating that the risk of breast cancer can be increased by wearing a bra, especially a bra. However, this myth is all-out denied by a study belonging to a team of researchers from a well-known Cancer Research Center in Seattle, USA. They show no relationship between breast cancer and bra use, no matter how long, whatever type, and size of bra you wear.

2. Deodorants trigger breast cancer

This myth is not right. The National Cancer Institute stated that there is no substantial evidence that shows deodorant can trigger cancer, especially breast cancer. The pure content of deodorant itself is a chemical that might be a risk factor for the disease. However, a product that will circulate in the public market will usually be tested first. National Cancer Institute (NCI), together with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), found no dangerous substances contained in deodorants.

3. Cell phones can cause breast cancer

It is also one of the breast cancer myths that is wrong. People are wrong about the facts about radiation signals emitted by cell phones can affect health and even cause cancer, including breast cancer. Radiation can cause cancer when it mutates genetically. In the case of cell phones, the pollution that is emitted is minimal. The radiation only ranges between 450-2,700 MHz, with a peak power of 0.1-5 watts. Since the control of cell phone radiation is so small, it is doubtful to be able to mutate genes in body tissue. In other words, cell phone radiation does not cause cancer.

4. Mammogram, MRI, and USG cause breast cancer

One of these breast cancer myths is also incorrect. Doing breast checking with a mammogram does use a radiation beam. It is where the myths about mammography as the cause of breast cancer originate. The fact that you must remember is that a routine mammogram is very helpful in reducing the rate of death from breast cancer in women aged 45 to 75 years. In contrast to mammograms, MRI is a breast check using a magnet, whereas ultrasound uses sound waves. There is no reliable medical research that proves that these two things cause breast cancer. USG and MRI are very useful for detecting the presence of cells that cause breast cancer early.

So, before you believe, you should find out the truth about breast cancer myths first.

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