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Life Expectancy of Stadium 4 Breast Cancer Patients

The breast cancer patients have different severity conditions. Some may be diagnosed in the early stages of the disease. However, some are already in the final stage of cancer stage or it is called the stage 4. The stage 4 breast cancer diagnoses means that your cancer is already in the metastatic stage.

Cancer cells generally have been developing for a long time in the body until they can finally be categorized as stage 4 breast cancers. It means that cancer cells have been around for a long time in your body. You may not realize it or ignore it.

The stage 4 breast cancer is the last stage and it is a serious one. We can say that it is the life-threatening condition. At this stage, breast cancer cells have spread far outside the breast tissue to other vital organs. Breast cancer cells generally spread to the lungs, liver, bones and even the brain. The breast cancer patients may feel several symptoms during this stage.

That's why; it's important to do early detection of breast cancer so that it can be treated immediately before it gets worse. The earlier the cancer is found, the greater the chances of recovery.

The Life Expectancy of Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Life expectancy is an estimate of the average additional age expected for a person to continue living. In this case is for a patient that has the stadium 4 breast cancer condition. The American Cancer Society (ACS) states that the life expectancy of stage 4 breast cancer patients in the five years after a diagnosis made is 22 percent.

In comparison, life expectancy at stage 3 in the five years after first diagnosis made was 72 percent. In stage 2 breast cancer, the life expectancy is even more than 90 percent. The more severe the stage of the cancer, it can be seen that the estimated life expectancy of a person tends to decrease. It is because the higher your stage, the wider the cancer spreads from the initial location.

It means that you health condition can be weakened. In addition to staging, the life expectancy of cancer patients is also influenced by age, general body health, psychological conditions, to the type of breast cancer subtype experienced.

Some types of breast cancers are known to develop faster and more aggressively than others. Life expectancy for stage 4 breast cancer also depends on the extent and location of the metastatic goal. For example, the life expectancy of someone who has metastatic cancer to the bone only may are having the higher life expectancy than that to the bones and lungs simultaneously.

Basically, life expectancy for breast cancer patients, especially stage 4, depends on the patient's condition. However, it should be noted that these estimated numbers cannot predict the patient's fate and age. It is better to continue your healthy life style. It is recommended to discuss with your doctor to learn more about other factors that can affect your overall health as the breast cancer patients.

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